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While often overlooked, the truth is doors are large and will always draw some attention in terms of interior design. But to make a door stand out or complement a room, there are a few general trends you need to pay attention to.

Upgrade the current style

It makes no difference if you have a traditional home or an ultra-modern one. A door is a massive element in a room, so it can seriously alter the overall appearance. Based on what you choose, it could be a good idea or a bad one.

When upgrading internal doors, make sure you stick to the current style and take it to another level. Got a modern home? Simple. Find new doors that scream simplicity and minimalism, it’s a common trend these days.

It could have traditional elements, such as panels or perhaps glass, but even these slight decorations can adopt a modern appearance.

If your home style is traditional, stick to classic pieces, but with a modern approach. For example, panels are considered classic. But at the same time, barn doors or classic oak doors could also make an impression.

Be careful, as many new doors can be both modern and classic at the same time.

Go against the odds

There are plenty of unwritten rules when it comes to doors. To keep it simple and make sure you’re not making any mistakes, follow the current style of your home.

Unsurprisingly, many homeowners these days go against the trend, so they choose to break these rules without second thoughts.

For example, if you have a traditional home, you can go for a modern internal door. There’s a trick here. While you can go against the style of the room, it pays off sticking to the theme or perhaps the colors. Going against everything will make the door stand out, and not in a good way.

The general idea is that while you can assort two different styles by changing the door, you should stick to the theme.

Take barn doors, for example. They’ve been used in farmhouses and cottages, but they’re just as common in ultra-modern homes these days.

They maintain the same theme, but if you have a minimalist home with black and white nuances only, a classic unpainted barn door could be that colorful spot you need.

Different rooms, different doors

As crazy as it may seem, you don’t necessarily have to use the same type of door for all your rooms. Sure, it may seem a bit odd, but it actually works fairly well. It’s not as easy as it seems, though.

Generally speaking, many rooms have different themes. Your bedroom is probably different from the kids’ room, which is also different from the living room. The door should match the style of the room if you go with this idea, but at the same time, you need to consider the exterior too.

A door should match both the hallway and the room, meaning you’ll need to do a bit of homework to match different styles and perhaps colors.

This idea is more suitable to those with a more traditional home and mostly styles like shabby chic. After all, using plenty of decorations makes the job much easier.

Different colors, same design

This idea is similar to the previous one. The only difference is it’s easier. You won’t need to match styles and colors, but just styles.

If you have a contemporary home style, make sure all the doors are modern and designed with minimalism in mind.

Different colors are totally acceptable, then. Again, they should match the overall style of each room. Try to find the predominant color in each room and follow it. A modern home with a black and white theme can do with any color that suits this style.

After all, the door could become the only colorful part of each room, whether it’s purple, orange, green, or red. These colors are simply more efficient in terms of looks because they’re lively and draw more attention.

Bottom line, the door could become a decorative color in each room.

Bring the glass in

Glass is not new in internal doors, but it’s been through a series of updates overtime. Glass lets more light into a room, but it also makes the hallway more accessible and user-friendly. When light goes through the windows and the door, the hallway inevitably looks better.

Privacy is your main concern when it comes to glass. Most people avoid glass when it comes to bedrooms, but frosted glass is totally acceptable.

After all, it allows light to go through, but it doesn’t let other family members see what’s going on in the bedroom. In other words, while privacy is a bit reduced, frosted glass can still make an excellent option.

Glass in doors works well for all kinds of style. While mostly associated with modern homes, the truth is a traditional home can also benefit from glass doors.

When it comes to more public rooms, such as the living room, classic glass is also acceptable.

In the end, these are some of the most popular ways to increase the curb appeal of your home with a new door, be it a classic or a modern home.

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