Teeth {The Ordinary Moments}

I shared this picture on my Facebook page recently in a completely different context. But, I looked at this picture and realised that, unlike her friends, LP hasn’t lost any teeth yet. She still has that same set of baby teeth that she has had since her toddler days. The same set of teeth that took their time coming through and caused her so much pain.

Teeth {The Ordinary Moments}

They are such lovely, straight teeth, one with a chip at the front. They are teeth that really make her smile, teeth that I am so familiar with, that I help to clean, that I see so often and that are so much a part of LP.

It’s made me think how strange it will be when she starts losing teeth, when she has a mouth full of gaps or when her mouth starts to fill with bigger adult teeth. This set of teeth are a huge part of nearly six year old LP, they are such a part of her personality and something you notice when she talks and smiles. I can’t imagine her smile looking different to this smile that I have loved from the very start.

Next year LP will probably start to lose her teeth and I think that will be the point where she’ll stop being quite so little, where she’ll look bigger, more grown up and where she’ll start changing from this little tiny dot of ours into a bigger girl – still a little girl, but a bigger little girl. For now, I’m just holding on to LP just as she is now, with that familiar smile and those lovely straight teeth and hoping that she stays little for just a moment longer.

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  1. She is a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous smile. I’m not looking forward to the wobbly teeth stage, it makes me feel a bit weird seeing teeth like that!!! It definitely does make them look different with their adult teeth coming through x

  2. Wow can’t believe she’s still lost no teeth. It’s nice follow see. Lovely set of perfect teeth rather than the all over the place big Nd small ones N has. His 8th is wobbly and has here for ages but I expect once that comes out it til be the last for a couple of years then.

  3. Aww what a beautiful smile she has. My boys were quite old before they lost their teeth. It makes them look so different doesn’t it? A special moment. xx

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