Living Arrows – 49/52

This week has passed by in a blur of work, school and Christmas preparation. Most of the presents are wrapped, the tree is up and we are very much in the festive spirit. I cannot wait for our family Christmas.

This week’s photos were taken yesterday during an hour of quiet time before my Dad and younger siblings came over for dinner. The children have an hour on their tablets every so often and are pretty much like zombies during that time but when the time has run out they know they can’t use it again until at least the next day.

Living Arrows - 49/52
Living Arrows - 49/52

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Love love love Christmas here too and can’t wait to see what you all get up to. Thank you for our Christmas card, A & T look absolutely fantastic xx

    We limit Olly’s time on the ipad too and i’m not ashamed to say it’s usually before 8am when it’s my day off and I don’t want to get up so early!

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