Living Arrows – 38/52

This week has been one full of sickness but thankfully we’re nearly all over that now. Despite being poorly we did manage to squeeze in an afternoon at Brighton around mine and Dave’s work days and LP’s first full week at preschool.

LP is loving preschool. She has friends and does so many different things that we don’t really do at home like making sandcastles. Dropping her off in the mornings is still a bit hit and miss but I’m sure in time she’ll get used to her new routine. This week’s photo was taken paddling in the sea at Brighton, a much needed, lovely, family day.

Living Arrows - 38/52

Although we have been full of colds this week and the time has been full of preschool and work, Dave and I have both loved having a little bit of time with our Little Man. It doesn’t happen often and now that LP is at preschool it’s lovely to spend some time with Little Man and be able to focus on him. I have spent a couple of days wandering around the shops with him whilst LP is at preschool – She’s only there for 90 minutes a day at the moment so it isn’t worth walking home. But that time with Little Man is lovely, talking to him, pointing things out and listening to his blossoming vocabulary – he gets so excited by cars! This week’s LM photo was also taken on Brighton beach. He is such an adventurer and loved the new experience!

Living Arrows - 38/52

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