Living Arrows – 14/52

Another week and another Living Arrows. I love this time of the week, looking through the photos I have taken from the last few days and trying to find my favourites that fit in with the Living Arrows idea. This week’s photos were taken yesterday when Dave, the children and I went with Dave’s parents to see Great Nanny Birdy. We stopped off on the way at the O2 and went on the Emirates Air Cable Car ride. It may be just another part of Transport for London to many commuters but to us, tourists, it was an incredible way of seeing a new viewpoint above across the Thames.

LP was in her element. She has heard about London on the TV and in movies, and we talk to her about it although we haven’t been recently. She knew she was looking out at London and was so excited – pointing out boats, aeroplanes coming into land, cars and the other ‘flying cars’ that we were in.

Living Arrows - 14/52

Little Man’s face in his photo sums up what he thought. Awe, excitement and something so new. He was amazed by the whole thing, pointing out every single boat a hundred times. He loved it!

Living Arrows - 14/52

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  1. Gorgeous photos of the 2 of them. Especially love Little Man’s face.

    I must look these up when I take N to London next. I hadn’t heard about them before.


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