Living Arrows – 33/52

This week’s Living Arrows photos are courtesy of Dave’s phone. Dave and I had our first weekend away without the children and add to that my working week and not doing anything that warranted the ‘big’ camera and it meant I just didn’t take any photos of the children this week.

LP has spent the last few weeks being a kissy, cuddly little thing. She loves her blanket and loves to snuggle whilst watching TV. Her new found fascination is making a chair/bed out of Mummy and Daddy and lounging on us whilst watching Mickey Mouse.

Living Arrows - 33/52

Little Man started walking a couple of weeks ago and we are at the point now where there is no stopping him – he now gets straight onto his feet and walks everywhere, he now walks quicker than he could crawl. He changes direction with ease and has such determination and focus when he has walking. This week our Little Man has gone from baby to toddler.

Living Arrows - 33/52

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  1. LP looks very comfy there, I love snuggling with my blanket on the sofa too! And look at LM! He’s definitely not a baby any more 🙂

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