Living Arrows – 49/52

This week has been a busy one with work, play dates with friends and generally just catching up with everything. This week has been the week where LP has understood blogging – she has always stood behind me when I’ve been taking product photos and recently learnt her ‘cheese’ face but now we have a stage further – I try to take a photo of LP and she picks up her own camera to take a photo of me and says ‘say cheese Mummy!’ I have a feeling many of my future review posts will have photos like this one in them.

Living Arrows - 49/52

Little Man has been teething badly this week, with a runny nose and lack of sleep but there is one thing that can get any teething toddler to crack a smile – balloons! On a playdate at a friend’s house Little Man was in pure glee to find a bunch of balloons to chase around the house. He was oblivious to the fact that the balloons were bigger than him and in his own little world – one Little Man and his balloons!

Living Arrows - 49/52

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  1. Aww, how cute is LP with her camera? She’ll be wanting her own Instagram account next! And LM looks like he could take off any minute 🙂

  2. Love both of these shots. It’s great when children start repeating back things you’ve said to them, and then watching them when they’re engrossed in something.

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