Living Arrows – 10/52

This week’s Living Arrows are moments that made me smile.

LP has started finding places to sit in the lounge and she’ll sit however she feels like at the time.

Sideways on a chair, reading a book and watching TV.

My mini-me, the multitasker.

Concentrating, TV-watching face and her just-got-up-from-a-nap hair, loose and natural.

My perfect Pickle.

Living Arrows - 10/52

Little Man, constantly pulling himself up on the furniture.

Always learning something new and showing his personality.

Mostly smiling, often laughing.

Sometimes blowing raspberries!

Living Arrows - 10/52

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  1. Firstly – I LOVE the photographs on your blog. I love the header, it’s stunning!

    Secondly, I love the way you write. All clearly and stuff! It’s really easy to read & interesting.

    Thirdly – I LOVE the way you dress your kids. I love the colours. I love bright, happy colours on kids!

    Fourthly – ginger kids are the cutest! can I say that? Well I just did. Obviously I think my little blondie is the cutest too but whenever I see a ginger kiddy I literally ‘aww’ out loud.

    I’ll stop rambling on your blog and go and do it on my own now! (Saving it as one of my faves though!)

    Katie xx

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