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When we invest money in a perfume, we want it to last; especially if that perfume is an expensive one. There are some key things you can do to ensure that your chosen fragrance lasts for a long time. If you follow these steps there is no reason why you cannot make your perfumes a little longer.

Buy a More Expensive Product

The first thing you should look at if you want your perfumes to last a little longer is the cost of the perfume itself. You don’t need to buy all high-end fragrances but the more expensive ones do tend to last a little longer. This is because they have higher-quality ingredients and they have also been blended with different essential oils to ensure that the scent dissipates correctly.

When you have found a fragrance you like, you need to find a reputable source you can acquire it from. There are many shops which allow you to buy discount fragrance online and know that you are getting the genuine article.

Apply After Your Shower

Many people like to apply their perfume as the last step before they head out the door. However, you should actually apply scent after a shower so it lasts the longest.

Once you have dried off, spritz your perfume onto your bare skin. This is best as your pores are still open and they will cling to the perfume particles just that little bit longer.

For a little more longevity, moisturise first. An unscented moisturiser is best if you do not want to confuse the scents too much. However, you can often find many perfumes which come with a matching lotion. Using this will allow the scent to stay put that little bit longer.

Know Your Pulse Points

The pulse points are the best places for you to apply scent as they are the warmest parts of your body. Fragrance matures when exposed to differing temperatures and the pulse points can help you to regulate this.

The nape of the neck and the insides of your wrists are always great but there are a few other ones which could work. For example, the backs of your knees could create a nice waft of scent if you are wearing shorts or a sundress. Make sure that you only wear a few squirts of perfume; too much is likely to overwhelm anyone around you.

Find One Which Works with You

No perfume will smell exactly the same on two different people due to their body chemistry. If you think a fragrance doesn’t last well on your skin, you are going to be better off finding one which does. It might take a little experimentation to find one which works, but there will be one out there which suits you while also staying on your skin.

Perfume can be a tricky thing to get right but it makes an impact when it does. Educate yourself on how to make your perfume last that little bit longer and hopefully you will find that perfect scent which seems to last all day.

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