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The duty of teaching a child does not start and end with the teachers in class. In many ways, parents have to step up to supplement the teaching process by helping the kids out with their homework. 

However, as some parents have complained, math has evolved over the years, and even though the kids are learning the same concepts as the adults did, the process has changed. For you as a parent to effectively help your kids with their math homework, you need to use a few extra resources, and here are five websites that could help:


Brighterly is a math website where parents can sign their kids up for scheduled tutoring classes where they can sit in to help their kids learn math better. More than being a math website, Brighterly is a platform that provides fun math for kids by using math games, videos, and other resources to make kids more interested in math. Brighterly is one of the best kids’ websites for learning math. 

Learn Zillion 

It is easier to teach your kids math homework when you understand the subject and the idea yourself. Learn zillion is a video-based website with many math subjects broken down into short, understandable steps for kids. You can have your kid watch these videos alone, or you can watch them with them and learn the math concepts alongside them for later. 


Suppose you are interested in getting into the process of learning math alongside your kid so that you can teach them better. In that case, you can enter the fantasy game world of Prodigy with them. Prodigy is one of the best uses of technology for math. It helps kids easily understand complex math concepts by playing games instead of listening to numbers and word problems. 

Bedtime math 

Instead of just bedtime stories, why not try bedtime math? The bedtime math app sends parents a new math problem to solve with the kids before bed. These questions are accessible and engaging for the parents and the kids. 

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy has a lot of interactive videos and is one of the best math websites for kids. The educators in charge of the design for this platform arranged videos and exercises that will support your child’s learning pace. One of the good things about homework is that it gives your child a chance to learn a math concept at their own pace without the pressure of trying to understand it in class. With Khan academy, you can take advantage of this opportunity and teach your child different math concepts at their comfortable pace. 


You want your kids to be better at math, meaning you must step in when you need to, and in this case, with their homework. If you need help navigating their task to give them a better chance at learning math, you can use any of the resources listed above. 

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