Breastfeeding {The Ordinary Moments}

Breastfeeding - The Ordinary Moments

I have been breastfeeding for over two and a half years aside from a few months gap in between weaning LP and Little Man coming in to the world. Breastfeeding for me didn’t come as naturally as I thought it would and I spent nearly three weeks persevering through cracked nipples, blisters and unbelievable soreness to get feeding with LP established. Once we got to that point we enjoyed 13 months of feeding and I weaned LP mainly because I was pregnant again and wanted to give my body a break before the new baby arrived.

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Little Man is 4 Weeks Old – Breastfeeding and an Update!

Little Man is 4 Weeks Old - Breastfeeding and an Update!

I thought I would try and put the last 4 weeks down in writing but now that I’ve come to try and articulate it, I realise how much of a blur the last month has been. This is a feeling I’m sure most parents of newborn babies can relate to – every day/night seems to run into the next, you don’t know if you did something yesterday or the day before or even today or last night. Your life is no longer about day and night or days of the week – your whole life is split into 2 or 3 hour windows (if you’re lucky) that revolve around nappies, feeds and hopefully some sleep!

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The Path to a Decent Night’s Sleep!

The Path to a Decent Night's Sleep!

Well, what better to blog about than a sleeping through baby?

As you all know, LP has never been very good with long stretches of sleep, preferring to wake at best every 4 hours for food. 3 weeks ago though, that all changed. LP decided randomly one day that she would sleep through the night. When I say through, I mean through – 8pm to 9am! 13 hours! After that we didn’t expect it to happen again, we expected it to be a fluke, a one off. But the next night she slept for 12 hours, and on the third night 11 hours. We then had a night where she woke for an hour at 1am.

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Milk from a cup - Nuby

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After LP was born at home, midwives insisted on visiting daily to make sure everything was going ok. This began on the day she was born when a midwife came over at 3pm to complete LP’s newborn checks on her legs, heart, neck etc. The midwife asked whether I’d fed LP and I said I had, at about 10:30am. The midwife insisted on seeing me feed LP there and then, so I had to wake LP up and try to get her to latch. I was nervous, as a first time Mum, of doing it wrong, and of being partially naked in front of a stranger. Along with that, LP didn’t like being woken up so was fairly upset. Luckily she had to be woken anyway to have the checks done.

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