Resolutions/Bucket List

Every year I make a bucket list of things to achieve, learn and tick off. It includes places to visit, things to do, days out and so much more – and you can find out how we’re getting on with our annual goals here.

If you would like to collaborate with us on ticking anything off our list please do get in touch.


18 aims for 2018

Each year I write a bucket list of things I’d like us to tick off as a family. Places to go, books to read, movies to see and things to learn. But, the lovely Hannah tagged me to write about 18 aims for 2018 and I thought it would be a good time to talk about less specific things that I’d like to achieve and do this year. So here…

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Our Bucket List {End of 2017}

Another year has passed and so it’s time to look back at our bucket list for the year to see how we did. Go to Bodiam Castle  We squeezed in a visit to Bodiam Castle just before Christmas and it was just so beautiful. We’ve really made the most of our National Trust passes this year and Bodiam Castle is somewhere I have wanted to visit in just so long.…


Bucket List Update {November 2017}

I can’t quite believe we are now eleven months through the year. Only one month left of 2017 and it feels like it has passed so quickly. Here’s how we are getting on with our Bucket List for the year: Get my teeth fixed – This month I have been to The Dental Studio in Colchester to start treatment for getting my teeth straightened. I put it on my bucket…


Bucket List Update {October 2017}

I haven’t done a bucket list update in a couple of months so I thought it was about time I let you know how we were doing with our annual bucket list. At the end of October this is how it’s looking: Go to a new conference – I’ve ticked this off as conference season has finished and I didn’t get a chance to go to Blog Camp this year…


Where will we be in Five Years Time

The other day Katy wrote about where she would like to be in five years time and tagged me to share my thoughts of the future. Time seems to be going so quickly at the moment that it’s hard to think where I’ll be in a few years as five years ago seems so recent – yet, Little Man wasn’t born, LP was just a year old and I was…


Bucket List Update {July/August 2017}

It’s that time of the month where I update how we’re getting on with our annual bucket list. I skipped last month as we were on holiday so this is how we’ve got on through the last couple of months – and we are doing quite well! Here are the things we ticked off since the last update: Teach Little Man to ride a bike – I wouldn’t say we…


40 Things Before I’m 40

Every year I write an annual bucket list of things I would love to try, tick off and achieve over the course of that year. But Hannah recently wrote a list of 40 things she’d like to do before she turns forty and she tagged me to share my own list. I turn 33 next month so I have seven years to go before 40. I have never really had…