Work/Life Balance?

So here I am. 9:30pm on a day when we have been out from early until late. The children are in bed and I am at work tomorrow. I’m sitting on the sofa writing blog posts, scheduling tweets and reading other blogs whilst Dave watches TV in the background.

This is my typical evening. I blog every night until around 11pm, sometimes later depending on my plans the next day. I would say I spend 3 hours a night blogging plus an hour or so of admin each day – 28 hrs a week. I also have my day job where I only work 19 hours. Around this I juggle family time, housework, food planning and all that other stuff that needs doing. I also have constant plans – our bathroom update, new shelves that have just arrived for under the stairs, a garden in progress….

It sounds exhausting doesn’t it? When Simply Health got in contact and asked me to take their quiz to see how I balance my life around my work I knew that the results would be interesting – and it couldn’t have been more spot on.

I took this quiz and the results showed that I am an Integrator. This means that my home life and work life are blurred – often doing work at home and doing things for home whilst at work also feeling the stress of work when I’m not there.

For me, with a day job and a blog – that is like a job too – my work and home lives are very blurred. They overlap and they take up a lot of time but I love what I do – and if I didn’t I would stop doing it. No-one could spend 47 hrs a week working if they didn’t enjoy it in one way or another AND blogging is something I do easily around the children with no impact really on our family life.

So, my work/life balance isn’t perfect – I work too much. But for now it works. I have work time, I have family time and I have some time for me in there too – I could definitely be worse. Take the quiz and see how you balance your work and home life.

Work/Life Balance?

2 thoughts on “Work/Life Balance?”

  1. I’m pleased to say that on the teaching front I’ve definitely now got a work-life balance. My two days a week of supply teaching work well for me. The blogging on the other hand definitely takes over my life – it’s a good job I enjoy it! x

  2. My ‘real’ work/life balance is perfect now. I only work 7 shifts a month so have no issues there, blogging, however ….

    Cat x


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