Win a Delonghi Coffee Machine with Chicopee (Competition now closed)

Until I had children I didn’t know much about lactose intolerances or what it meant to be lactose free – I’m not even sure I knew that lactose was anything to do with milk – I was completely ignorant. But when I had children everything changed. Suddenly I had friends with babies who couldn’t have milk, who had to have a lactose free diet to breastfeed their babies or babies who had to have special, expensive, lactose free formula.

Since then I have seen what a big thing lactose intolerance is and how it really effects people’s lives – not just children but adults too. Dairy is often found in processed foods in the supermarket and anyone lactose free would be used to reading packaging labels and ingredients lists to see what they can and can’t eat. It becomes part of their day to day routine and even going to get a coffee in a cafe is something they have to really think about.

You see, it’s not as simple as having a milk alternative in your drink. You have to make sure that the cafe are lactose free with the way they make your drink too – not sharing utensils, cleaning the machine thoroughly and not cross contaminating milk products and milk alternatives. This is where Chicopee come in.

Win a Delonghi Coffee Machine with Chicopee (Competition now closed)

Chicopee have created a purple cloth that basically shouts ‘I’m lacto-free’! It’s a cloth that is used to clean in cafes and coffee shops but it’s one that is kept purely for lactose free machines and spillages. The purple cloth stops a milky cloth being used on a lactose free machine and for anyone that is lactose free the sight of that purple cloth in a coffee shop will mean there’s one less thing to worry about and they can just sit back and enjoy their coffee.

Win a Delonghi Coffee Machine with Chicopee (Competition now closed)

To celebrate their simple but effective purple cloths I have teamed up with Chicopee to give away a Purple Delonghi Coffee Machine to one lucky reader. To be in with a chance of winning just complete one or more entries on the Rafflecopter below – good luck!

(Competition now closed)

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  • My oldest daughter has only just recently become lactose intolerante although I guess this has been going on for quite a while. I found it quite difficult to start with and kept forgeting but gradually we get used to it and it pays spending a bit more time reading labels abd there are so many alternatives to get.

  • Like you – i only discovered it after becoming a mum when my friends little one had to have a lactose free diet

  • I am lactose intolerant so buy lactofree products for myself including milk, butter, etc. It is annoying that lactofree products are so much more expensive but if I have lactose, I get terrible pains, bloating and the runs! Thankfully my children are not lactose intolerant.

  • I’ve got three children under four but so far i’ve been lucky that none of them have any lactose intolerances. My little boy is allergic to eggs and some additives which is stressful enough so i imagine lactose intolerance is even more difficult. Thank goodness things like this and wheat allergies are more recognised now and alternatives provided in most of the supermarkets.

  • same as you i didn’t have a clue about lactose intolerances until I had my little daughter and now I see that everywhere. I Love this purple coffee machine, looks fab and comes in my fav colour x

  • The only thing that works for me is taking Loperomide and since I started taking it I can eat or drink anything that’s edible.

  • I did not know that about the purple cloth! My main experience of lactose free friends is that they tend to just never have anything out because they never know.

  • I am lucky that my family do not have lactose intolerance but I do drink rice milk as I find it makes me feel less conjested

  • I’m very lucky that none of my kids have had intolerance to lactose. But I’ve had to be careful with a couple of my friends children, if offering to make them dinner, or catering for parties etc.

  • My cousin is Lactose intolerance and suffers quite badly! Her stomach bloats and she suffers bad cramps if she has digested anything that carries lactose!
    She is more careful now but it is hard going.

  • Have a couple of friends with lactose intolerance and like you I just presmumed it was in milk but when you start reading the labels of products there are a lot of things that contain it that you wouldnt imagine

  • I don’t have any experience, but do know a lot of people with lactose intolerance. It is definitely more recognised these days.

  • A friend of mine had lactose intolerance, had to go to great lengths to avoid things that might have dairy in them, but not goats based dairy.

  • I don’t think that I know anyone with this. I’ve never had a discussion with anyone about it, but it is something that I’ve heard of. Whenever I think of it, I think of Tim Allen in Santa Clause when he says to the little girl – Look, I am lactose intolerant! I shall be looking out for that purple cloth when I’m out and about in coffee shops now. Thanks for a great post x

  • I am lactose intolerance, and have been aware of this for the last 16 years. There is much more choice now in supermarkets and on the internet.

  • None personally but I have an interest in food and nutrition so try to keep up to date on the latest research about lactose intolerance and many other food-related health issues.

  • honestly no one in my family has anything like this .. but I’ve seen friends on social media that have it and it’s a pain when wanting to eat out

  • I fine as long as I don’t eat/drink a lot of dairy. Things like milk shakes, lattes and ice cream can set off a terrible tummy ache.

  • Thankfully I have no experience of lactose intolerance in either myself or my children, however my friend’s daughter has a dairy allergy and that places enormous pressure and stress on the family.

  • fortunately, I have not had any experience with this, i am aware of it and i am pleased to see more products becoming available for sufferers.

  • I don’t have any but my son we have ? And are going to start looking at removing it from his diet to see for sure

  • My mum is Lactose intolerant she finds it hard when abroad with food and drinks but at home she has every thing she needs and leads a very healthy life x

  • As a family, we don’t have an cases of lactose intolerance but having worked in a nursery, its something I encountered there and I have to say the children who suffered did always have near enough ‘the same’ as the other children at meal times, Ive never come across anyone who is severe Lactose intolerant

  • adore purple-i neeeed this gorgeous coffee machine! i work with children in a nursery so have lots of experience in dealing with lactose intolerance aswell as other allergies and diets x

  • There has become for awareness towards lactose intolerance and as such more alternative products, as somebody who has known of being lactose intolerant for 25 years this has mad such a difference to my everyday life.

  • I have a friend who has it, he has water on his weetabix, I can’t think of a worse breakfast cereal to have water on eeew

  • I have a sensitivity to lactose and I have to use Lactase Enzymes if I have anything milk which I try not to often. I am a huge latte fan but thankfully Costa do a soya milk latte so I can still enjoy it and at home I use Almond Milk

  • I have never had any experience of Lactose intolerance, except for a friend of ours who is intolerant to virtually everything! She’s almost a super-vegan!

  • My only experience is going to a children’s birthday party and one of the little boys had to have his own food because of a lactose issue.

  • It has been quite a struggle with my son who is now 9 we knew very little and he suffered quite badly but we now know which foods and drinks to stick to and keep it all under control I don’t know which is more painful seeing him in such pain or not being able to help him.

  • I currently work in a cafe and we specialise in vegan and gluten free options. I think we use almond and soya milk more than regular cows milk, it’s so eye opening to realise how easy it can be to cross contaminate milks and food products.

  • my daughter had a sickness bug which led to her having a ‘temporary lactose intolerance’. Shes getting better now, but it has lasted around 5 weeks so far

  • I don’t have any members of my family who are affected and have to admit I don’t have a great deal of knowledge regarding the condition.
    I do however understand how difficult it is to cope with illness as my daughter and I have a condition that affects all parts of our body, causing severe pain, I can no longer walk far unaided. We have both had recent heart surgeries too.

  • my friend gets quite ill if she has lactose, it gives her extreme tummy trouble and rashes on her skin. i dont know enough about it though.

  • both of my boys are cows milk protein intolerant, similar to lactose intolerance I suppose just a differen component of the dairy. I had never heard of this machine Donna thanks for sharing, fingers crossed xx

  • I have a relatively minor lactose intolerance, I can have cheese etc but only very small amounts of milk and when heated as in coffee I struggle. Toby’s silent reflux caused us all hell for months and was eventually put down to a dairy intolerance so you could say my life is pretty ruled by it!xx

  • I have food allergies and intolerances which does mean you have to cook from scratch more. That said things. have come in leaps and bounds just in the last ten years

  • Someone I really can’t stand pretends that they are lactose intolerant for some bizarre fashionable reason. I’m sorely tempted to change their soya milk for full fat and see what happens. But can’t really in case this is the one time this daft idiot isn’t crying wolf.

  • I became really good friends with a lady I donated a freezer full of breast milk to as her little girl, who is almost the same age as my daughter, has a allergy

  • Although I have not officially come across lactose intolerance, I’m pretty sure it is a definition of me. I haven’t liked milk since I was a young baby and there are very few dairy products that I tolerate.

  • Although not lactose intolerant myself, I know people who are. I catered a full buffet party taking this into account. It was an interesting experience as it was a finger buffet and I spent a lot of time consulting recipe books. The result was very well received.

  • Eating out or going for dinner at family or friends homes can be a nightmare. I nearly always end up ill the next day after eating something I shouldn’t just to be sociable.

  • I know nothing about lactose intolerance and didn’t know that sufferers can’t have any lactose contact, rather like an allergy.

  • Not anyone in my family but i do know someone who is and its a pain but so much easier to control with all the products available in supermarkets these days.

  • I work in a hospital so have to be very aware of patients dietary needs I have cared for lots of individuals with lactose intolerance

  • I have none thankfully but feel there is a lot to offer people out there suffering, compared to when i was younger and it was more unheard of xxx

  • I had absolutely no experience of it, until we found out my son was lactose intolerent. Cooking at home is not really a problem now as we have experience, but eating out is always problematic as we have to ask so many questions and the restaurants are not always forthcoming and has sometimes ended in terrible stomach cramps for him

  • No personal experience but have a colleague who has a Daughter who has a number of intolerances including lactose. She finds it very hard to find alternatives and for her Daughter be able to eat the nice things other kids are eating at school and parties etc.

  • I’m very lucky that none of my son does not have an intolerance to lactose however some of our friends children do so we have to be very careful when we are catering for them.

  • Luckily I don’t even think I know anyone with Lactose Intolerance. It must be frustrating when eating and drinking outside the home.

  • My son has it, but luckily not too severely. He can’t have milk/cheese things, but a small amount of lactose hidden in other foods doesn’t bother him, so I don’t have to do too much label checking.

  • None really, though we do think my husband might be lactose intolerant as he has all sorts of trouble after having too much of anything with lactose in :/

  • My sister has an intolerance, she really has to watch her diet. Thankfully restaurants & stores are much more aware of this condition

  • I do have a friend who is lactose intolerant, but I am very lucky in that none of my immediate family suffers from it

  • I have a mild intolerance. I can stomach milk in drinks and food but a lot of cheese or yogurt sets my stomach off.

  • I am diagnosed coeliac and originally my doctor stated that my lactose intolerance would be temporary due to the damage previously caused but unfortunately it seems to be permanent and the lacto free products are helping to give me relief so i’m having to have alternatives such as almond milk. I have never heard about the purple cloth so thats great to now know as i always have to double check everything.

  • I don’t have any personal experience but I am aware of how it has increased over the recent years and is becoming far more recognised.

  • Very little experience personally, but as I do suffer from a severe nut allergy, I do understand the issues and importance.

  • My little boy has just gone on to the lactose intolerance milk – we were advised to put him on it for a couple of weeks to help with his upset tummy (It makes him smell awful!!!)

  • I had my sigmoid colon removed 2 year ago which was in such a damaged state …. the pains i had for years were written off as just irritable bowel until I became seriously ill . I now have a intolerance to dairy products

  • I’m lucky enough to not have experienced it personally within my family but my friends wee one has lactose intolerance

  • Well, my niece who is only 19 months old is allergic to all things dairy, soya and egg. So she cannot have anything with those ingredients in at all!

  • I breast fed my daughter until she was almost 2 years old and then I switched her onto cows milk. Her 4 older siblings all drank cows milk with no issues. Almost straight away she had little swirls appearing on her skin that looked similar to a fungal infection so the chemist started to treat her for that. Then she started being up all night crying in pain and clutching at her tummy. I am not going to even mention her poo’s. It didn’t take long to work out that this all started at the same time I stopped breast feeding her. I stopped cows milk straight away and switched to lactose free and she has been absolutely fine ever since. She has now turned 3 and we are coping great with her intolerance. I never knew about the purple cloths though. They sound like a fantastic idea and I would love to thank who ever came up with the idea. One last thing, thanks for the chance of winning such a fab prize 🙂

  • My 2 youngest boys were both slightly lactose intolerant but only with cows, it caused bad stomach aches and went straight through them, thankfully there’s so many alternatives now it’s not a big deal and easy to live with

  • I have looked after a number of children who have to be lactose free, and some times its really hard to keep them from eating or drinking items with Lactose in

  • A friend’s toddler, who was lactose-intolerant, nearly died when his grandmother let him play with the plastic insert out of a box of chocolates

  • Our oldest daughter is lactose intolerant and has to eat a special diet from my other kids. its hard work but thankfully we work around it.

    Fantastic giveaway! xxx

  • i thought my daughter had it when she was a baby as she would never keep the milk down she had checks done but it turned it wasnt that.

  • I have suffered with cows dairy intolerance (among other things) all my adult life, and last year went on the gut healing diet GAPS. Pleased to say that after 18 months I recently tested negatively for all intolerances 🙂 I’m still very strict on dairy though, and limit it massively.

  • it becomes a way of life reading labels and studying menus to find something you like and something you can eat. Its hard for restaurants/cafes etc as they can put choices on the menu but you might not like it so hard to please everyone all the time.

  • I knew about the purple cloth as my eldest daughter is lactose intolerant! She was diagnosed at age 4. At home we are able to manage what she eats and drinks really easily, but it’s always a huge headache when we are out and about and go for something to eat and drink!

  • I’ve been dairy free since I was 6 weeks old and normally avoid coffee in coffee shops due to my allergies, will definitely now be looking out for the purple cloth. Fantastic to know, thankyou!

  • my brother is Lactose intolerance so his wife makes meals that suit him because otherwise he ends up with terrible stomach cramps and pains and it can make him physically sick

  • While I am not lactose intolerant, my future daughter in law is and is a frequent visitor so I use a nut or soya milk often for us as well. There’s one always in the fridge.

  • My partner has an illness which as recently caused him to be lactose intolerant and it has been hard to suddenly change a whole diet regime

  • I was lactose intolerant as a child but seemed to outgrow it, whilst my boyfriend has developed it! It can be really tricky eating out sometimes, and particularly when I suggest going for coffee! So this would be a great treat to help him out with that.

  • My mum can’t eat ice-cream, butter, cream or milk, she has black tea and coffee, she wasn’t like that when she was young, it was something that developed when she was around 30 years old and it became steadily worse. I have started to go the same way but mine started in my mid 30’s. Fortunately I can still stomach skimmed milk and because it’s so readily available I don’t feel I miss out or have to make special requests in restaurants. My son is 20 and he’s already showing signs that dairy products don’t agree with him – he’s living away from home as he’s a student, he avoids all added dairy and doesn’t find it a problem. Even pizza places accommodate for cheese free pizzas these days.

    The only thing I actually miss is a cup of hot chocolate, even if I make it with skimmed milk it has an awful affect. It’s just not worth the risk, Sad but true.

  • It’s getting better with alternatives. I really like almond and coconut milk, and coconut ice cream from whole foods is yum!!

  • I only have a friend with it so limited knowledge except I know that as time goes by, there are a good few lactose free items on supermarket shelves now compared to a few years ago x

  • Although I haven’t been diagnosed I believe I may have lactose intolerance because of systems I have when I drink milk and I was allergic to milk as a child and my mum had to give me goats milk instead!

  • I have quite a few friends who are Lactose intolerant and I think food allergies are becoming more and more common nowadays xxx

  • I always drank lots of milk but was feeling bloated and sick all the time so I decided to research the alternatives and since I switched I have been feeling so much better.

  • I have skimmed milk at home if I have other milk in hot drinks it gives me a bad tummy. I think it’s more to do with the fat in it than anything else. None of our kids seem to have any allergies or intolerances.

  • I was totally oblivious to it until my 2 year old was diagnosed with it ,which I must admit came as a relief as he was so, so poorly before people think ah poor him can’t have ice cream etc however his adapted really well and knows if he eats dairy things he gets poorly and just seeing him healthy like his brother now is a blessing

  • I have a few family members who are lactose intolerant, as well as my friends little boy, when he comes here I get everything planned in advance so I can check it and triple check it with his mum that he is okay to eat things.

  • Until recently, I had no experience, until my twin granddaughters were diagnosed as being lactose intolerant! …for days after their birth, they had severe upset tummy’s, and were very distressed, until eventually after tests, were diagnosed!! Now they’re thriving on special milk!! ..It’s so nice to see them looking ‘perc’fectly well!! ( sorry about the pun, but, I had to do it! lol)

  • I’m Chinese and do not have a good tolerance of lactose. Chinese food does not contain milk or cream and we do not have milk in our tea.

  • I’ve never been official diagnosed but gave up dairy about a year ago and feel 100% better in myself because of it.

  • Interesting that, after 35 years as a pharmacist dealing with customers’ lactose and gluten intolerances first-hand, this subject has finally become mainstream. Allergies and intolerances to common everyday food substances are so often ignored or overlooked, yet once identified and dealt with can have quality-of-life-changing results.

  • Fortunately I have no particular experience of lactose intolerance but I do prefer to keep dairy to a minimum for my voice.

  • My youngest is Lactose intolerant and ive found formula is very expensive but as long as it keeps my baby healthy i am more than willing to pay it.

  • My youngest daughter is lactose intolerant and wasn’t diagnosed until 5 month after which she was prescribed a lactose free milk. Everywhere we go I always take a packed lunch of salad and some fruit because if we are ever delayed or we want to go out for something to eat I need to be able to give her something to eat. I know the ingredients in most foods now but still have to check e.g. a well know bread maker recently changed their recipe (i didn’t say so on the packet) and phew was i lucky i noticed. Also a lot of restaurants and deli counters soak meat & fish in milk but dont list it as an ingredient aggghhhh! I had a brilliant experience in Butlins as they made sure everything is listed and they ensure there is no cross contamination.

  • I am not that keen on Milk – although I am not lactose intolerant.
    My favourite is Almond Milk and I would love this Delonghi Coffee Maker

  • I’ve lived with lactose intolerance for about the last 10 years. It sucks, as I love cheese, chocolate, ice cream and other dairy products! So much so that sometimes I’ll just eat the dairy stuff and deal with the consequences 😛

  • My mum is lactose intolerant and as long as you know what products work best, it’s manageable. Can be trickier eating out though!

  • I was lactose intolerant as a child, It took a while to be diagnosed and doctors & health care workers told my mum I was just attention seeking as I’d react by banging my head against things, finally at age 2 I was diagnosed and put on a lactose free diet.

  • my sister is lactose intolerant and my niece whilst not intolerant her eczema is made worse by it – my sister gets a very dodgy tummy with it – it causes IBS flare ups and makes her life miserable however there are some ok alternatives she can use

  • Ive lost over 10 stone and since lossing it i have become lactose intolerant, i have to check every label however now im fit and healthy

  • Working closely with 2 children who are loctose intolerant. Its so difficult for littles ones to understand when all they want is a chocolate button just like their friends

  • I am not Lactose intolerant but my partner suffers from chronic migraines and we tried an exclusion diet of all Lactose and wheat. There were ranges that catered for this but we found them to be significantly more expensive than the regular brands. Unfortunately there was no reduction in the frequency/severity of the migraines since the exclusion diet but he now drinks an occasional glass of Alpro rather than whole milk!

  • My son started with Lactose intolerance when he was 4 and we didn’t realise at the time this is what was causing his sickness & diarrhea. He was sick everyday for other a month and we just tried eliminating different foods as the doctor told us and milk was one of the first foods we stopped! Hard as he loved yogurts & milk but went onto goats milk and he was a changed boy x

  • I only get symptoms if I have loads of dairy products, like a huge bowl of ice cream so it really isn’t that big of a problem but my brother and 3 of his children all have to have lactose free products so I know how hard it can be, even the simplest things like making a lovely cream cake for Birthdays x

  • I have a lactose intolerance, I changed my diet about 15 years ago, so I live quite happily with it. So would love to win the coffee machine as black coffee is my choice of drink. x

  • No personal experience but I have friends who are intolerant and I must say I feel better if I cut it out for a while.

  • I experienced it as a teenager, but thankfully it seemed to ease off as I got older – I couldn’t have anything with lactose in without feeling really nauseous, now I seem to be able to tolerate small amounts

  • Having managed a nursery over several years we had a few children who were lactose intolerant. We had to be ultra careful with food prep at mealtimes so as not to mix up banned foods. We also became quite creative with recipes so that children felt included at meal times and not singled out

  • My oldest daughter has suffered from stomach cramps and wind for 18 years without knowing what it was until recently, but has now cut most dairy from her diet (she can’t manage to give up chocolate lol) and her symptoms have almost completely disappeared 🙂