I’ve been tagged by Rachel @Rachey320 in a meme all about why. The meme was started by mummycentral

‘Why…?’ is something that I will hear frequently from LP as she gets older. It is something that every parent hears numerous times a day from their children as their inquisitive minds develop.

I also frequently ask myself why.

Why, LP, do you need me to rock you to sleep? Even though I sometimes think it would be easier if you could self settle, I know that before long you will sleep by yourself and I will miss those sleepy cuddles.

Why has the magic poop swing stopped working!? I used to be able to put you in the swing and within ten minutes you’d poop. Great for when we were going out. Now the swing works occasionally but the rest of the time we have random pooplosions in the car, out at the shops, on days out…. I used to love the poop swing routine!

Why do you love yogurt so much? No matter how much you have eaten during the day, you will always have room for endless amounts of yogurt after your dinner. Full fat natural yogurt. You just can’t get enough!

Why are you such a happy little thing? When other people’s babies seem to cry or whinge, have off days and are incredibly demansing, you are a joy to be around. When you are sick or teething, it is incredibly hard work, the rest of the time you are happy, independent and incredibly content.

The one why I never ask is why do I love you? This little mini-me called LP. I loved you from the moment I saw those blue lines on the test. From the moment I felt those first kicks, to seeing the first scan, to hearing your heartbeat for the first time. I loved you all the way through labour, with every push and every pain, and I loved you when they put you on my chest for the first time. I loved your sticky ginger hair, your tiny fingernails that were purple at first, your tiny little hands and the downy hair that covered your body.

Now that you’ve been here for 9 months LP, I love the smiles you give me first thing in the morning, and I love feeding you at night. I love how you have learnt so much, how you share meals with us and how you can roll from one side of the room to the other. I love your personality and the cheekyness of your smile. I love hearing you laugh and listening to you talk to yourself. I love seeing how much your Daddy loves you too, and I love how close a family we have become.

Most of all, I just love you. My teenie LP.


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