Why I am glad that Summer is over…

We can all agree now, the Summer is over. The leaves are turning brown and orange, the sky is grey, it’s colder than it has been in months and the evenings are getting darker earlier.

Summer is behind us.

For that I am glad.

We had an amazing Summer. LP spent whole days in the garden, regularly coming indoors with a dirty face, messy hair and muddy feet. LP had a perfect Summer and I loved watching her exploring outside and learning new things. The weather has been fantastic, there’s no disputing that, and the nice weather seemed to last forever.


Our Summer this year went on for months.


I haven’t had a Summer like this one since I was a child. Summer 2013 was awesome.


But the start of Autumn means one big thing for me – No more flies. Flies. Who invented flies?!

To me flies are the bane of my Summer. I open the doors or windows and seem to have an instant swarm of flies in the house that spend all day failing to find their way outside again. Flies are disgusting, lay their eggs everywhere and the sight of a fly makes me feel physically sick. I hate them.

Hello Autumn.

so Long Summer.

Good Riddance Flies.


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