Why Do Bloggers Blog?

If you’re a blogger you will have a reason why you blog but if you’re not a blogger it may be hard to understand why these people spend so much time doing what they do – writing stuff, taking photos, putting it all together, shouting about it on social media and often just procrastinating long into each evening, pottering about online. Why do bloggers really blog?

For me, I blog because I love it. It started out as a way of documenting LP’s weaning journey but it has literally taken over my life. It has given me something to do every evening, so much so that I can hardly remember what I used to do between 8pm and midnight every evening, especially on the days when Dave as working shifts long into the night.

My blog is a permanent record of the children as they grow, from when LP was about 8 months old her whole life is on these pages and Little Man has been on this blog from the minute I announced my second pregnancy. It’s like a diary but so much better.

For me I blog because it makes my life so much bigger. My life is so much fuller than it was before – every minute of my time is spoken for, I am surrounded by friends that understand me and want to spend time with me and the children, I spend days and weeks doing things that I never thought I would get the opportunity to do and I get to introduce the children to so much so early in their lives too – holidays, experiences and just incredible people.

That’s why I blog. But bloggers blog for so many different reasons. Some blog to give them something to do, to take up some time on maternity leave or to fill a gap in their evenings:


Many people blog because they just love to write, it gives them an outlet to rant or vent or they just want to embrace their creative streak, take photos and write about them:


Others blog to raise awareness, as therapy, to fight a cause or to get over trauma in their lives:


Others blog for the social aspect – to talk to people, for social stimulation or to make like minded friends:


And many, many bloggers blog to document their family lives, as a journal to look back on or a place to share photos and a little glimpse of their lives with family who are far away:


Others blog as an income, a way into freelance work and to provide their family with things they otherwise wouldn’t have:


And some blog for the strangest of reasons – but they are still here, doing that thing they love to do.


There are many reasons that bloggers blog but whatever reason makes a blogger start to blog you will find that they have so many more reasons for carrying on blogging as the years and months go by. I have never heard any blogger say they regret starting to write, and even those that give up blogging often wish that they still had their little space online when something happens and they wish they could write about it somewhere.

Bloggers blog ultimately, because they love it, because they have something to say and because there is so much more to it than that. Having a blog is not like having a diary. Having a blog is being a blogger.

Why do bloggers blog? Because once you start blogging it becomes a way of life, no matter why you started in the first place.

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  • I love this Donna!!! What a wonderful collection of all the reasons we blog! It just shows how powerful it is for us all to have our voices heard in our little parts of the web! Thank you so much for including me and my little blog! x

  • I love this post and not just because I’m in it! It’s so beautifully presented and it serves as a really useful read to give bloggers a bit of encouragement if they’ve lost their motivation. It might even encourage some new bloggers to start too!

  • Thanks for including mine Donna, I love this post and it is so interesting to see all the different reasons that we are all part of this slightly crazy community

    Stevie x πŸ™‚

  • Brilliant post. I get asked all the time why I blog but don’t often get the chance to write it down. I wanted to share my draw cartoons and share them online while wending my way through the labyrinth of parenthood. Finding an online community who ‘get’ what I’m doing makes some of the tough times bearable. x

  • Love this! There is so much to be grateful for, all those years ago when I started my blog. I love all the different reasons why bloggers blog. Such a fantastic community to be a part of πŸ™‚ x

  • Perfectly summed up! This post not only shows the many reasons we blog, it’s also a perfect reminder of the community of parent bloggers out there…. What ever the reason, parenthood can be lonely, our identities reduced to ‘mum or dad ‘ in society….but we are all so much more… Different ideas, different skills…but ultimately a group of individuals with a major thing in common…. Late night dates with pjs and a laptop… Oh and kids apparently.

  • I have loved reading this. I love the way it looks and reading all the reasons people blog. Mostly we love blogging and yes once you start it is so hard to stop. Thankyou for including me.

  • Thanks for including mine. It’s lovely to read everyone’s and see the different reasons. But as you say it all comes down to the passion for it, even for those to whom it’s a job. I know I cou8dnt see life without it now

  • I love that everyone blogs for different reasons – there is no single reason. Great post and so interesting to find out why everyone else blogs! X

  • I literally have NO clue why I blog at the moment. I am having one of those “and I do this because?” moments. I think I may be a bit burnt out juggling being a Mum, teacher, blogger, YouTuber. I’m looking forward to going on holiday next week and really thinking about why I doing it. We all have those moments when we struggle a little bit and this hopefully will pass x

  • I love this, thanks for including us! It was really interesting to read other people’s reasons, and I hope it inspires more people to start blogging – it really is addictive! Xx

  • I love this post! It’s great to hear why others blog, and the passions behind what they write. I agree – once you start, it just becomes a way of life.

  • I know I responded to you on social media when you posted this, but it is such a fantastic post. Going to Blog On last year made me realise that everybody blogs for very different reasons, and it is lovely to see how people got started. Thank you Donna x

  • I love this post, the way you have set it out is fab! I really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers , so many different reasons for starting. I started like so many others as a way to record my pregnany when on maternity leave, 2 years later I am still blogging and I love that all of my pregnancy and my sons first year is on my blog xx

  • I was wondering about this myself, so Googled, and here I am. I blog because I enjoy writing and I love my family time. I love our days out and trips away and love telling people about it. I love the opportunities than can open up from getting out of your comfort zone a bit!