When Mummies Work…

After yesterday’s post, I started thinking about the reality of returning to work but also the reality of when my fellow Mummy friends start returning to work.

I am incredibly lucky and by the time I return to work I will have been off for 15 months. I am 9 months into this and the time has flown by! I have a lot of Mummy friends who aren’t as lucky and are having to return to work after 6 or 9 months.

My closest Mummy friend , AW’s Mummy who I mentioned in a previous post, is due to go back to work in June. She will have had 9 months off on maternity leave and is returning to her previous job part time, 4 days a week. LP and I see her and AW two to three times a week and have got used to these walks, lunches, teas and chats filling up an otherwise sparse week.

I realised after writing my last post that when my Mummy friend goes back to work LP and I will have a huge gap in our ‘working’ week. LP won’t be able to see her best friend whenever she feels like it, and I won’t be able to see my Mummy friend whenever I feel like it either!

It is strange how your life can change so quickly. A year ago I hadn’t even met this Mummy friend. Our paths had never crossed and I didn’t even feel that I had a hole in my life for her or any other new friends. I was working full time, was 5 months pregnant and had a great group of friends. Then, on 27th July 2011 I went to an antenatal class and met my new friend – although I didn’t know then how big a part of my life she would become.

We met up twice in between the antenatal class and having our daughters, and then only got around to meeting up after they were born when they were about 6 weeks old. But as the weeks have gone by and as our babies have blossomed we have both felt disillusioned by our groups of pre-baby friends, we have been let down and generally just felt as if our old friends no longer understand the way our lives are now.

It is great to have another Mummy that understands everything that I am going through and respects the decisions I am making with my Daughter. She texts me most mornings to see how our night has been and most evenings to catch up on the day’s events. It is lovely seeing our babies blossom into perfect little people, to watch them interact with each other and to watch our own friendship grow. AW and her Mummy are such a big and important part of my life now that it is very odd to think that they weren’t even in it not so long ago.

So when June comes LP and I will have a gap to fill. We will be looking for new play dates, signing up to baby classes and going to baby groups. We’ll be going on walks and trips into town and finding things to fill the days before I have to return to work in October. Each day with a baby is so important that I don’t want to waste that time, but it will be strange having so many days to fill again. I have got complacent, knowing that a couple of days a week we will see AW and her Mummy, so there has been no need to find other things to do on those days.

More effort needs to be made on my part over the next couple of months to lay the foundations so that LP can continue to socialise and interact with other babies when she doesn’t see AW as often. I will also need to make sure that we still get out of the house as often and continue to have a busy calendar!

When Mummies Work...

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  • I know exactly your situation! I’m going back to work after 12 months, but only working for 3 months. My antenatal class of 8 fantastic women are slowly drifting back to work, and my closest friend will still be around but I know the feeling of newly empty calendars! I highly recommend looking at netmums “meet a mum” pages in your local area- I responded to 2 posts while pregnant and met 2 amazing ladies. Well worth a look!