When all you want is a duvet day…

Our two nights of sleeping through were swiftly followed by teething hell. Teething hell then turned rapidly into poorly baby.

LP has had a runny nose, cough, watery eyes, temperature and general ‘unwellness’ for a few days and I have spent my time giving her cuddles and dosing her up with Calpol!

The sickness meant that LP went off her food so I have been breastfeeding every 3-4 hours throughout the day again. This meant that we were back to regular night feeds and also ‘breastfeeding nappies’ which has led to explosive nappies and endless changes of clothes.

Bedtimes have been a carousel of raised cot one end, vaporiser on, Vicks on her feet, Calpol. Then we’ve been up with her nearly constantly through the night as she was so bunged up she could hardly breathe. There were times when she was so unhappy with how she was feeling and so doped up that she would cry such a sad cry and Dave and I felt so helpless. That has definitely been one of the hardest parts of parenthood to date, not being able to take your Baby’s pain away. It is so upsetting, so awful to have a sick baby and feel so useless as there isn’t more that you can do.

We were just starting to see an improvement in the sense that LP was coughing less, eating again – even if just a very small amount and was sleeping better, when what should happen – I catch her lurgy!

I hate being sick. It started with a sore throat and tiredness a few nights ago. Then I woke up with a streaming nose and a pounding head. Since then it’s got worse and all I have wanted to do is get into bed and pull the duvet over my head. But I can’t.

Because I have a little person to look after. Being ill is horrible. Being ill when you’re a parent is even worse. Being ill when you’re a parent and the other parent has to be at work is horrendous.

I dosed myself up with everything I could… That’ll be paracetemol then. I drank lots of hot honey & lemon, and I tried to rest. I took LP back to bed for her naps and tried to nap with her, I stayed in my pjs and LP spent the days in sleepsuits. We did very little for a few days!

I can now say that LP is better except for an occasional cough or little runny nose. I still can’t breathe out my nose but feel a lot better. Sadly though, Dave has now caught our germs! It’s good to share…

This has been a tough week, and I hope we don’t have to repeat it any time soon. Being sick is pants!

When all you want is a duvet day...

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  • I’m currently poorly again with a toddler and baby. Luckily Hubby’s been off work for Xmas but he’s back for the day tomorrow. I’ll be parenting from the comfort of my sofa and staying in my PJs! Thanks for reading 🙂 x