Weightwatchers meets BLW…

Well, Mondays are the day that Dave and I have our Weight Watchers weigh in. We’ve both always liked our food, snacks and ‘treats’ and I ate exactly what I liked throughout my pregnancy – this, I guess, rubbed off on Dave who also ate what he liked!

The day after I had LP I weighed 14st 7lb. I started Weight Watchers on the 9th January and weighed 13st 8lb, so had lost nearly a stone in between. My goal weight is 10st 10lb and I have so far managed to get down to 11st 11lb after losing another 1lb this week! So happy! Only 15lb to go! Dave is also doing amazingly, having lost just shy of 2 stone in the same length of time! It definitely helps that both of us are doing Weight Watchers as we can eat the same meals and miss out certain things together – chocolate, puddings etc.

I think that my weight loss have been helped by breastfeeding. I am allowed to eat an extra 14 Weight Watchers points – equivalent to basically half my daily allowance as this is what LP uses when she feeds each day. It means that I don’t have to be as strict with what I eat and yet have still lost weight every week since starting in January!

The one thing I realised when I started BLW was that LP needs to have full fat everything… I haven’t bought full fat anything for years – except Coke! So buying low fat is definitely a habit hard to break, especially when dieting! So, I decided to keep everything low fat and now LP has her own shelf in the fridge! This has all LP’s full fat things on that Dave and I would rather not have, and we still have the low fat varieties. So LP has full fat cream cheese, full fat Cow’s milk for cooking/cereal etc, full fat plain yogurt and full fat unsalted butter! I have a feeling she’ll be bulking out in no time! Our little Chunky Monkey!

All the meals that LP shares with Dave and I are still low fat versions – using spray oil instead of olive oil and cutting down on butter/cream content. I just make sure that I give LP extra fatty-ness at breakfast and lunch – cream cheese bagels, cheese toasties and yoghurt with pureed fruit!

Yoghurt was the first thing that we tried using a loaded spoon and LP loved it! I whizz up whatever fruit we have with a hand blender and mix it with the same volume of yoghurt. I then load the spoon with a small amount and hand it to LP. At first it went all over her face, in her hair, up her nose. As time has gone on though, her aim has improved greatly and it now generally goes in her mouth, although she usually closes her mouth too soon and it ends up gathered on her top lip! After each spoonful I say ‘Mummy’s turn’ and put my hand out for the spoon. She’ll either keep hold of it or, more recently, has started to drop the spoon on the high chair tray for me to refill for her! LP loves yoghurt!

Weightwatchers meets BLW...

I think for us, Weight Watchers is now a way of life. I put on so much weight in pregnancy and was overweight when I got pregnant. I don’t want to be like that any more. Since losing weight I have more energy and find walking with the pushchair easier. BLW has meant that we have more fruit and veg in the house and has made us healthier – we just don’t really eat processed food any more as we don’t want LP to have all those additives! I would like LP to grow up healthy, walking to as many places as she can rather than us driving her and having general activities like swimming or bike riding that add to a healthy lifestyle. I would hate for LP to need to go on a diet in the future, and I think that if we can sort out our eating habits now then that should go some way to helping LP eat healthily in the future.

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