Weetabix Whole Wheat Fibre Challenge

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

I was recently asked by Weetabix to take part in their Weetabix Whole Wheat Fibre Challenge to see if we could easily increase the amount of fibre in our family’s diets over the course of four weeks.

Weetabix Whole Wheat Fibre Challenge

I sent Weetabix a food diary of what I had eaten for the previous few days and the Weetabix consultant nutritionist, Sian Porter, analysed my food diary to see how I could easily increase not just my fibre intake but make my diet healthier in general.

Even before I filled out the food diary I knew there would be some problem areas. I have followed Weight Watchers on and off for years but ever since LP started preschool I have found it hard to make time to eat breakfast and often just grab a cereal bar or two. I then try to stick to Weight Watchers Simple Start for lunch and have Warburtons Thins with ham or chicken and then have our usual meals for dinner – Anything from fajitas to stew depending on what we feel like that day and whether Dave is working or not. I don’t tend to snack often but if I do it isn’t on the right things and most of my drinks through the day are tea or Pepsi Max.

Over the last week the first thing I have been trying to do is to drink more water. I know I don’t drink enough and often get headaches from dehydration. I have made small step to increase the amount I drink like making sure I take a bottle of water out with me and having regular drinks at work.

On top of this, I have started to sit down in the morning and have breakfast. This is something I used to always do but since going back to work those ten minutes that used to be for having breakfast have been used for other things instead. Now I am making sure I have a proper breakfast, and thanks to being sent Weetabix I have an easy way to start increasing my fibre intake. I love having Weetabix with warm milk, something that reminds me of childhood and it’s perfect for this time of year. I’ll throw on some blueberries, raspberries or strawberries too to make sure I’m getting a portion of fruit.

I’ve been having a banana with my lunch each day too and other than that I haven’t made any big changes this week. Three more weeks to go and I’ll be updating you on my progress!

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  • Mmmmm I love Weetabix, I have it every morning without fail! Cold milk though- never been a fan of warm milk in any form. I’m not sure I get any other source of fibre though and most definitely do not drink enough water!!