Weetabix Whole Fibre Challenge – Week 2

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I wrote last week about doing the Weetabix Whole Fibre Challenge and this week things have continued in much the same way – We are all now having Weetabix for breakfast and drinking a lot more water than previously. This week we have also been trying to increase our fibre intake in different ways.

The Weetabix website has a lot of recipes to help increase your fibre intake whilst still eating a varied diet. Dave made the Chocolate Weetabix Fudge this week and it was great to have a tasty treat that we knew was also helping us to increase the amount of fibre in our diet – although I’m not sure eating cake would be the best way of increasing your fibre intake long term so we also tried to eat more high in fibre fruit this week too.

Weetabix Whole Fibre Challenge - Week 2

I have switched to eating pears instead of apples during the day as they contain 2.7g fibre per 100g rather than 1.2g fibre for 100g of apples. I’ve also found raisins to be a great snack for fibre as 25g raisins have just under 1g fibre! I’ve also been having a lot more veg on the side of meals, peas and sweetcorn especially as they are quite high in fibre. I have made a rule that we have fruit or veg with every meal and snack on fruit at every opportunity – easy ways of increasing fibre intake but extra healthy too!

It is recommended that adults get on average 30g fibre into their diet each day and I know that each week that passes we are getting nearer to that goal – next week I’ll be looking at just how close we are getting. We’ll also be cooking another Weetabix recipe next week!

Weetabix Whole Fibre Challenge - Week 2

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