A Week on Weight Watchers Simple Start

Someone recently read my Weight Watchers Simple Start posts and asked me if I’d mind writing a few days of what I eat to have had success with Simple Start. My weight loss was over 8lb in the first two weeks of following the Simple Start plan and I would like to help others looking to lose weight that are stuck for inspiration on what to eat per day whilst following Simple Start.

One thing that you need to understand from the outset is that the Simple Start program is incredibly restrictive but it’s also incredible flexible. Yes, you can only eat certain things but you can eat as much of them as you like. The new Simple Start will not work if you are trying to have meals out in restaurants or entertaining friends at home but it isn’t completely fat free but can be gluten free if you need it to be. My main success with doing Simple Start has been when I’ve had no plans and have just been able to focus on eating from the power foods list and following the simply filling technique.

What can you eat on Weight Watchers Simple Start?

As Simple Start can be incredibly filling Dave and I would often have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. Here are a few ideas for things to eat as part of a Weight Watchers Simple Start menu.

Simple Start Breakfast (1)
Simple Start Lunches
Simple Start Dinner

If you get peckish in-between meals, remember, you can eat anything from your Simple Start foods list! Make a sandwich, have some home made popcorn with artificial sweetener or cinnamon, a bowl of shredded wheat or some fruit. Also make sure you’re drinking enough and never, ever, count up the ProPoints values that you’re eating – Simple Start and ProPoints are completely separate. Eat what is on your list and only what is on your list – Simple Start is simple!

Simple Start is so much easier than doing a typical plan with Weight Watchers points and counting points all the time. I found that as long as I ate the right things I could eat more per week than when counting points plus once I was in a routine I found Simple Start quite an easy plan to follow as a new program and you’re given a Simple Start booklet with everything you need to know in it too. I hope this helps on your first week of your weight loss journey too!

Simple Start

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