A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry’s Family

We are very much a family of meat eaters and have never really eaten more than one meal every few weeks without meat in it so when Fry’s Family challenged us to have a week of vegetarian dinners we thought we’d try something completely different for us.

We were sent a selection of Fry’s Family vegetarian products and used them as part of typical dinners. All of the products were frozen – and could be cooked from frozen too, making them a really convenient addition to a family kitchen.

A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry's Family

The first meal we tried included Banger Style Traditional Sausages which were as nice, if not nicer than the sausages we usually have at home. We served them with mash, vegetables and gravy but they would work well in hot dog rolls, in a toad in the hole or with chips and beans! The children loved them and they were less than half the calories of our typical sausages so a really healthy option too.

A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry's Family

We also tried the Soy and Flaxseed Schnitzels. These looked just like a breaded chicken product but tasted like sausage meat. They were really nice served with chips and beans as a fast food alternative but would have been lovely in a bun too. The children really enjoyed them and the soy and flaxseed coating made a nice alternative to usual battered or breadcrumbed products.

A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry's Family

One evening we had Country Mushroom Pies which included chicken style pieces. These were very much mushroom pies and the chicken style pieces were few and far between but the filling had a really rich and creamy sauce which was lovely but I do love a meaty pie so these wouldn’t be as good an alternative for us.

A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry's Family

We also had the Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets as another quick meal with chips. These were a great alternative to chicken nuggets and tasted just the same to me. They were easy to cook, nice and crisp on the outside and great for dunking. The children loved them too which is always a bonus.

A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry's Family

The one product we weren’t as keen on was the Stir Fry Strips, but I think that was because we cooked them for too long and they went a bit sloppy. I think, in hindsight, these need just a quick fry before serving. The meal looked great it just wasn’t the best of textures but this was just down to us cooking it as we would chicken and not allowing for the fact it was actually something completely different!

A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry's Family

The last meal that we had was the Quinoa and Fresh Cilantro Falafel Burgers. These were nice but not like I was expecting. I thought they would be a meat substitute – and so we served them in buns however they were like an onion bhaji patty. They would have been really nice served with salad and rice or similar. They were full of flavour and great as a main meal.

A Week of Vegetarian Dinners with Fry's Family

As a family of avid meat eaters, not going more than a day without meat in our dinner, it was great to try and have a week of vegetarian dinners instead. The majority of the meals were things we would eat again, regularly, and were things the children enjoyed too. They were also mainly lower in calories and lower fat than the meat alternatives we would usually have so they would be a healthier option in future too.

I know that we love meat too much to ever eat vegetarian regularly but I would definitely like to try having one or two meat free meals a week – and we will be having the Fry’s sausages again, they were lovely!

Disclosure: We were sent the above products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.



  1. June 29, 2016 / 7:49 am

    It’s great that these are more healthy than the meat options, that will make a lot of people more likely to switch for a few meals a week. I’m veggie but haven’t heard of these, will be looking out for them.

  2. June 29, 2016 / 10:34 pm

    What a great challenge as we too probably have meat most evenings. I am going to try and introduce some more meat free meals just to try something different. Like Falafel as I keep seeing this in supermarkets but have no idea what it tastes like x

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