V-Tech DigiGo Giveaway! #DigiGoetiquette (Competition now closed)

You may have seen my VTech DigiGo review a few weeks ago – the first step into smart phones for children! LP loves her DigiGo and enjoys sending messages to family members safely across our home wifi network.

V-Tech DigiGo Giveaway! #DigiGoetiquette (Competition now closed)

But due to LP’s new DigiGo, and the children’s increasing love of tablets, we have had bring in a few little rules just to make sure that LP and Little Man don’t have their eyes glues to a screen for every waking hour.

Both LP and Little Man have a limit of an hour and a half a day on smart devices. LP often doesn’t even use that much time as she’s been at school all day and at the weekend we are off out and about but Little Man will often use his time in the morning and then do other things for the rest of the day. It’s a rule that the children found hard at first but now they’re used to it. It’s made the time LP spends using her DigiGo really quality time and something she treasures.

V-Tech DigiGo Giveaway! #DigiGoetiquette (Competition now closed)

They’re also not allowed to use tablets or the DigiGo during meal times or whilst LP is doing her homework. They’re also switched off when we have family movie afternoons or all sit down to play a game. We’re getting them to learn that you use a tablet or smart phone by itself, not whilst doing other things as we want to try and help them concentrate on one thing at a time.

V-Tech DigiGo Giveaway! #DigiGoetiquette (Competition now closed)

Do you have smart device rules in your house? I have teamed up with VTech to give away a DigiGo to one lucky reader. All you have to do is share your smart device rules – or a funny story that you have with your children and technology as a comment on this post. You can then tweet using the hashtag #DigiGoetiquette for an extra entry! I’ll then be picking a winner at random – good luck!

(Competition now closed)

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  • I’m abit old fashioned and not sure on tablets and kids, my boys are 3 and want one, i’ve opted for the kids kindle fire as it has a 2 year guarntee on anything that happens, but i do intend to teach my kids how to look after it and not need to replace it x

  • My little boy was about two when he saw me using my phone to swipe. He seemed to get the hang of it quite quickly and wanted play with my phone to find clips on youtube. One day he went up to the tv and started swiping the screen and i asked him what he was doing and he was trying to change the channel to cbeebies! As he’s only 3 1/2 he doesn’t have a device and doesn’t really have any access to anything apart from my phone. I thought this might be nice for his 4th birthday in February. Thanks

  • #DigiGoetiquette My dd dialed 999 & asked for police-she’d been learning about 999 calls at school & said she was practising!

    Rules: no iphones or technology during meal times and no technology after lights out – and to be sure, iphones are left in the kitchen on charge!

  • Smart devices are still a bit new for Eli. He’ allowed to watch ‘Digger’ videos on Youtube in the car but that’s about it … for now

    Cat x

  • We let our 4 year old play on the iPad mini sometimes. I checked Facetime and found out she had been calling people on it, including my midwife. So embarrassing!

  • #DigiGoetiquette iPads in the sitting room only and for an hour AFTER tea. I have a passcode on them for extra security

  • #DigiGoetiquette My twins are only allowed screen time on phones or tablets three times a week. Other wise we would never get a word out of my son!

  • When I couldn’t find my phone I rang police and cancelled and blocked it for my son to come home asking why I didn’t ring him I asked what he meant he said I took your phone to school mummy so you could ring me if you missed me #unconditionallove

  • Our smart device rule is when the timer goes off, you have to give it back to mom/dad or you lose the privilege of playing the next day. My daughter generally gets my phone when baby brother naps and I need to jump in the shower or get something done.

  • not really funny so much, but my 4 year old has discovered the camera on my ipad and tries to take pics of everything, even me on the loo,….which isnt pretty, i have to keep checking and deleting pics any time anyone comes round to the house and lil would show them

  • I let Noah play on my iphone in the car (as he hates being in the car and books and toys will only entertain him for so long!) He loves to play on this Wheels on the Bus game that I bought him.

    Well anyway because he is used to the touch screen of my phone he seems to think everything is now touch screen! From my laptop, to the tv, to the car radio. Oops!

  • My kidlets both have Kindle Fires for Kids and they are only allowed to use them between 6 and 6.30 each night – the only exception to this rule is if we are out and about and coming back on a longish journey late into the evening they can have them in the car to keep them awake until we get home!

  • My 8 year old daughter is convinced she is getting an iphone and an ipad for Christmas as she has put it in her letter to Santa, trying to control her disappointment by explaining that Santa can’t always get everything on everybody’s lists. She will however be getting a very basic smartphone and will have limited usage on it.

  • my 4 year old is better on the ipad then me shes able to facetime her nana, i actually had to get her to show me what to do! xx

  • #DigiGoEtiquette My daughter keeps pressing random buttons on my phone, texting nonsense to people, setting strange reminders and setting my alarm for the middle of the day…

  • we were lucky enough to go to Loro Parque in Tenerife and we went to watch the whale show….. My son was using my ipad to record (and marvel at) The whales doing their tricks … One of the tricks was to “wave” at the audience …. drenching us all in the process….. Result being, one wet iPad which no longer has a working microphone frown emoticon sea water and technology dont mix !!! frown emoticon #DigiGoetiquette

  • When the two year old plonks herself on my knee and presents me with the tablet, she isn’t saying ‘hey, relax and read blogs’. She is saying ‘Peppa Pig, NOW!!’ 🙂

  • My little boy is just three, but he loves going on any type of device, so I’m careful to make sure he only goes on it for short periods, and gets lots of fresh air as well. The funniest thing he’s done technology related is swiping the TV to change the programme!

  • My 2 and a half year old likes to look at my photo album on my Iphone! To keep her occupied on a journey in the car I give it to her so she could look, next time I viewed my photos myself all I could see what about 50 photos of the same thing – her toes! LOL 🙂

  • my little boy facebook calls my friends without my knowledge and then when i see that person they tell me i had a ovely conversaton with your son the other day !!! lol wonderful giveaway x

  • My daughter isn’t allowed to download any apps before asking me first,also i check her history everyday to make sure she hasn’t been looking at something she shouldn’t .

  • My son is still young so he doesn’t really have access to things yet- he likes playing with mummy’s phone, but mostly just likes dropping it so it falls out of the case!

    Our rule is that we don’t use the laptop when he’s around- only when he’s asleep. And we should always prioritise playing with him and not our phones!

  • My grandchildren are only allowed a smart phone when they start senior school and are allowed to play video games when they have finished their homework.

  • i put the i pad on the washing machine, the phone rang and the washer went into spin and the i pad shot off. Amazingly my 18 month old caught it in mid air. i was so shocked he had never caught any thing before. i was very pleased with him

  • I always make sure safe search is on YouTube now after hearing some very PG unfriendly language coming from my iPad one day.

  • I just find it amazing how my grandchildren who are nearly 2 and 3 can use apps on a phone & my tablet better than I can. Almost like they are born with the know how these days x

  • My 6yo has asked for her own iPad for Christmas. I asked why, as she has access to mine. Apparently, she wants to FaceTime her best friend! I remember having to sit in the hall whilst I called my best friend, and my Mum putting the kitchen timer on. And I wasnt 6!

  • Nothing too crazy, just deleting/moving my apps, using up all my free candy crush tokens and posting random series of letters on Facebook. I’ve password protected my apps now but they can still move them about! #DigiGoetiquette

  • My 3.5 yr old has figured out that you can still use the camera function on my phone even if it is locked. I went to look for a pic in the gallery and found 100’s of photos of random stuff- feet, toes, her favourite blanket, her sister, she also managed to change it to selfie mode and took pics of her with her eyes shut, her forehead, her eye, her teeth and also she managed to take a few sneaky ones of me as well!!

  • our daughter loves watching youtube videos of Minecraft at the moment, the only rule we have is everything gets shut off, when we are eating our dinner together

  • When Im watching my soaps, all phones must be on silent.. I cant stand the ‘bling!’ ‘bleep’ ‘buzz’ or some other totally irritating sound they have going off every 2 secs

  • We are not allowed secret passwords on our smart devices and accounts, they are for everyone to know and check if needed. Plus no devices during family time, for instance dinner time.

  • My son ran into the bedroom with my iPad the other day and snapped a photo of me in my knickers! It was not a flattering photo!

  • Our Smart Device rules are 2 hours a day Max and no more than an hour at a time, weekends we give and take a little unless Daddy is away on tour and then I’m a soft touch 😉

  • we must all move with the times, but sometimes too much is overpowering, you become addicted very easily, which we saw with my nieces littleones on games consoles

  • my rules so far are only on weekends can they use computers and time limit. but they can do school related activities during the week

  • I make sure I always stay with my children while they’re using technology to keep them safe and only allow them online for one hour an evening

  • My 3 year old daughter is a whizz on my phone, she knows exactly what she is doing and loves to play Peppa pig apps and watch opening of kinder eggs on youtube

  • I don’t have kids.My sister limits my nephews access so he can only visit kid friendly sites,he knows not to share any personal information and has a time limit

  • I don’t have any rules. My kids are not too bothered about the tablets, and to be fair, the main reason my son uses his (he’s 8) is to help him research projects for school, or to get ideas for lego builds. They both have their own, and use them in moderation. My husband is the worst, always on devices/gadgets ~ perhaps I should give him rules!!
    perhaps I’m just lucky when it comes to my kids & tech

  • When Sophie was staying with guests I found she was waking them up to use their ipad at 6am!! So ipads are banned until 1pm weekends only now.

  • having my phone go off in the middle of the gp sugery… it was my ex calling and I had a ringtone just for him…. it was called Im a W###### and it was one of those times when your phone decides to play hide and seek in your handbag, I sweated so much trying to find it lol. my only rule is phones must be on silent when Im watching my programmes, I cannot stand the ‘blings’, ‘bleeps’ or other irritating noises theyve downloaded

  • I’m very strict on the amount of time they spend on the internet and only let them on certain sites. They have to finish their homework first. I want them to be aware of the internet and its uses but they need to be children as well and play.

  • Probably a bit harsh mother, but my rules so ner ner! My daughter only gets to use the internet or smart devices whilst one of us (parents) are about and I’ll probably maintain that rule until she reaches secondary school! I’m not always over her shoulder, but im always in the room! 🙂

  • My 11 year old son would happily spend all his time on his Xbox 360, tablet or mobile phone, as soon as I tell him to turn one off he hops to the next device, so I’ve now restricted him to an hour on each a day throughout the day, a few nights ago I thought I’d heard him putting his phone down as he had taken it to bed for his alarm, (he insists on setting it and I end up turning it off) my 3 year old daughter loves lending his tablet to watch toy reviews on you tube, she can use it better than me, she would absolutely love a #VtechDigiGo #VtechEtiquette xXx

  • My little boy is allowed the iPad for an hour a day after dinner if he eats all his dinner, it amazing how quickly they learn to use all these gadgets

  • Our rules are half an hour after school and 1 hour at weekends. Any extra time on smart devices is subject to discussion.

  • I have to remember to always hide my phone now after several odd messages were sent to my work colleagues of all people. My daughter thought it was funny to send every in my phonebook the word ‘poo’ and a smiley face #DigiGoetiquette

  • i had taken some pictures of a dress i tried on in a changing room to send to my sister to see what she thought of the dress…later on in the day my dear daughter whos 2 decided to publish those photos to my face book page for all my 370 friends to gawk at!!!! mortified to say the least!!

  • My son uses the ipad to watch kids programmes on Amazon Prime and to play educational games. We don’t use it at mealtimes or when I’m not supervising.

  • I let my 2 year old play on the iPad when I make dinner, he sits in the kitchen with me, it keeps him occupied and I know he’s safe and not getting up to any mischief. He loves playing games on it and a lot of them are educational so I don’t feel bad about it, it has helped him to learn colours and numbers.

  • My daughter decided to ‘create’ a scary film on my ipad when I wasn’t in the room. Imagine my surprise when we found it – her pretending the cats were monsters and chasing her

  • I put a couple of kids games on my tablet for my nephews (aged 3,3 & 2) to play. When they went home I looked on my tablet and found I had 28 new apps. They had somehow managed to get onto the app store and bought any that pictures they liked on it.

  • My daughter (4) is totally obsessed with my iPhone, she’s always grabbing it and taking selfies with it, including ones of her with brother and sister. She has a toy iPhone as well which she always tells me I’m just checking my emails or I’m buying something onAmazon (Guess I must say these things too much)

  • Not so much a funny story, but my two year old was playing a counting game on my ipad, and suddenly ran up the garden with it, I ran after him and said hand it to Mommy – and he dropped it straight on the floor – onto the concrete – I was devastated but not as much as seeing his little worried and heartbroken face!!!! 🙁

  • My kids know that kind and helpful behaviour earns tablet / electronic device time. I think it not only teaches them important values and how to treat people, but also the value of earning things and that stuff doesn’t just get handed to you on a plate in life!

  • My little girl is allowed to use it for 20 mins max (she’s only 2 and a half). But I think it’s important for them to know about technology though so I will encourage her in the right way.

  • I switch the modem off at 7pm every evening. They don’t think it is me who is doing it, they think everyones internet goes off at 7pm haha

  • We have no tech or toys at the meal tables and rooms have to be tidy or all devices are confiscated. I do try to make sure that the kids do plenty of other stuff, not just DS or computer. The girls seem to limit themselves better, the boys I have to turf them off devices at regular intervals and make them do something else or they would play on them all day and night! The Digigo looks perfect for my youngest boy who isn’t quite into stuff yet. He loves playing on his sister’s old DS but he hasn’t got a device of his own!

  • My little one is so good at using my tablet she does shortcuts i didn’t even know about! I have to keep an eye on her the whole time in case she deletes any more of my apps! #DigiGoetiquette

  • Limited iPad time but we do have videos on it at lunch as its the only way I can get my little one to eat… his big brother was the same but outgrew that stage pretty quickly so I’m not worried .

  • my 5 year old loves her tablet and playing games on it, last year I got my mum one so, the funniest thing ever watching a 5 year old teaching her granny how to use it

  • Parental control is turned on during a day and for the night time my son brings his phone and laptop into living room so its not tempting him overnight.

  • I try to limit how long they are on the ipad! So hard sometimes. We do have controls in place so they cannot access the internet at night

  • My grandson is 3 and as yet doesn’t have a tablet. He can use my tablet and quite often plays on the cbeebies aps! I don’t think it’s an issue as long as they are supervised

  • My Daughter has started waking up early in order to play on the pad before she goes to school, so I’ve taken to hiding it to discourage her x

  • How my daughter manages to move my apps all around is beyond me, I have to search for everything after she’s played on my ipad!