Vehicles, Thomas and Cake #LittleLoves

Some of the items featured in this post were provided for us to feature. I’ve added a * next to those items for reference.

I missed Little Loves last week as we were just so busy with getting back into the school routine. But this week it’s safe to say we are well and truly back to school. LP and Little Man are loving being at school – especially Little Man who went into Reception last week. They love being around their friends, learning new things and – as simple as it sounds – having lunch at school. Long may the love for school continue!

Here are a few things we’ve been loving this week:


The children were sent William Bee’s Wonderful World of Trains and Boats and Planes and the first time I’d heard of the book was when it landed on the door mat. My first reaction was how retro it looked, just like a book Dave or I would have had when we were children. But LP and Little Man loved it instantly – and all it’s vintage charm.

Vehicles, Thomas and Cake #LittleLoves

The book has a simple story which talks through the history of transport from the first steam trains through to spaceships. It’s full of bright colours, bold illustrations and just enough writing to keep the children engaged and teach them something. It’s a lovely book that the children love to read.


I’ve been ploughing through Sex and the City for the first time in years. We’ve just switched our TV service to Sky and they have ‘Sky Box Sets’. There was too much choice at first so I picked something I knew I’d enjoy – and have watched pretty much all six series in just a few weeks. I forgot how much I loved it.


Little Man loves to sing at the moment. He’ll burst into song without even a moment’s notice and will often lay in bed at night singing to himself. His favourite song is the Thomas theme tune but he’ll make up songs or sing nursery rhymes and things too. He is at just the best age and I hope school doesn’t change him.


I’m back to baking after school with the children once a week and to ease us in we went for something simple – butterfly cakes. They’re so easy to make and I bought a tub of icing rather than making it myself meaning that these took pretty much no time to make – and turned out perfectly. LP has decided on a Pineapple Upside Down cake next week – and if it’s a success I’ll blog the recipe!

Vehicles, Thomas and Cake #LittleLoves


Another major fail on this one this week. I really must try harder with this section. But, I have been living in comfy jumpers and my (fake) Uggs have made an appearance on a few occasions. But, I have also been wearing my gym kit as I went back to the gym this week and although it killed me I felt so much better for it and I know that I’ll get back into going regularly now I have more time each day with the children being at school.

and lastly…

This weekend is fully of lots of little things this week and I’m quite looking forward to it. School is exhausting for all of us and as much as I love big busy weekends it’s nice to just spend some time at home, get things done and relax a little. Have a lovely weekend whatever you get up to.

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  • I used to watch my Sex & the City box set at least once a year but it’s been a few years since I did, it’s such a fantastic show I never grow tired of it. I love those retro style books, I’ve still got some from childhood that I read to my kids. Have a lovely weekend x

  • I rewatched SATC from the start when my youngest was a baby and I loved it. So good!
    It’s fab that you do afterschool baking with your two, I really must do something with mine. Baking is a lot more tricky with a child that can’t have eggs, yeast or dairy though! She wanted to do cooking club at school until I pointed out she wouldn’t be able to eat anything they are making, bless her, she was so disappointed. I must get on Pinterest and find things to try baking with her.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  • I used to love SATC. I’ve rewatched it so many times now. Those butterfly cakes look lovely. I need to get baking with my two this week, although we never seem to have time. I seriously need to sort some kind of a schedule out. Have a lovely weekend x

  • That does look vintage I love it. I was always obsessed with wooden toys for my kids too like I had. Too funny you have one breaking out into songs I always say that’s a happy child when you have one that sings. Those cakes look absolutely divine lady. Brings some my way! #littleloves