Valentine’s Day – Just Another Hallmark Holiday?

I cannot remember the last time Dave and I celebrated Valentine’s. We give each other cards but haven’t given presents or gone out for the evenings in literally years – we don’t even get a takeaway and mark the occasion that way – Valentine’s to us is a complete non-event!

I think for me, Valentine’s Day is the first ‘Hallmark Holiday’ of the year, an occasion that exists to sell cards and pink, red and heart shaped tat in supermarkets. I think that Valentine’s Day has it’s place for people wanting to go out with someone but not having the nerve to ask them at any other time of the year. That, and teenagers – a girlfriend, boyfriend occasion to celebrate when you don’t have Anniversaries and things in your lives.

I think though, in adult life when you’ve been in a relationship forever there isn’t really a ‘need’ for Valentine’s Day. Dave and I tell each other we love each other daily and Dave shows me he loves me in the little things he does regularly. We also celebrate our Wedding Anniversary, remember our ‘getting together’ Anniversary and exchange gifts on Birthdays and Christmas. I don’t need a heart shaped box of chocolates and red frilly underwear in February to know that I’m loved.


I’m sure a lot of people do celebrate Valentines, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many Valentine’s related gifts in the shops from Christmas onwards, but it’s really not for me! Do you celebrate Valentine’s or does it pass you by? I’d love to know your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Just Another Hallmark Holiday?”

  1. Nah, we never bother. Our first Valentine’s Day we jokingly chose each other the cheesiest or rudest cards we could find, for the laugh, but don’t do it now. Tonight I am taking 30 kids bowling and OH is running our senior youth club with 50 or so teenagers so no romantic night in or out for us!


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