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Dogs are just so easy to understand. You know when they want to be fed, when they want to go for a walk, when they want a cuddle. But cats are a whole different ball game. Our cat, Leia, is constantly looking for attention but at the same time she is fiercely independent and will always do exactly what she wants to do. But, Lily’s Kitchen recently sent Leia a hamper of goodies along with some tips and advice for us from professional cat expert Ellena Hinson to help us understand Leia’s behaviour a little bit more.

Understanding Our Cat's Behaviour with Lily's Kitchen - and Giveaway!

Ellena’s tips talk about helping a cat to be more affectionate – something that we’ve never had a problem with where Leia is concerned – she wants all the cuddles all the time and would occupy the exact same space as us if she could. But, Ellena’s tips on getting Leia to try new foods really helped – as Leia pretty much just eats one kind of cat food and turns her nose up at anything else.

Understanding Our Cat's Behaviour with Lily's Kitchen - and Giveaway!

But, using Ellena’s tips to give her food when the house is quiet, feed her somewhere private where she can relax and give her space to eat really helped and Leia loved the range of food that we were sent from Lily’s Kitchen – I’m not surprised though, it’s a lot better quality than the food she is used to! Full of high-quality meat, grain free and made with no meat meal or fillers, only natural ingredients they are taste sensations that Leia had only dreamed of before. She has been in cat foodie heaven since they arrived!

Understanding Our Cat's Behaviour with Lily's Kitchen - and Giveaway!

Another aspect of our life with Leia that Ellena helped with is trying to stop Leia scratching the furniture – something both her and her brother have always done. Ellena suggested giving Leia an actual scratching post and putting it near to where she sleeps so that she can exhibit this typical cat scratching behaviour but somewhere suitable that won’t hurt our furniture! We will be buying a scratching post at the next opportunity.

Understanding Our Cat's Behaviour with Lily's Kitchen - and Giveaway!

I love finding out more about why cats do the things they do. Did you know that if your cat follows you around the house it’s a compliment? The cat actually just likes to be near you and is looking for attention – it’s really that simple. Also, why do cats like to sit up high or in the smallest of spaces? They are places where they feel safest. And that kneading thing cats do with their paws? It’s something they do to show affection and stems from nursing milk from their mothers. They do it and purr, their version of self soothing, often whilst they get comfortable and go to sleep.

Understanding Our Cat's Behaviour with Lily's Kitchen - and Giveaway!
Understanding Our Cat's Behaviour with Lily's Kitchen - and Giveaway!

So, Leia’s behaviour makes complete sense when we take the time to learn about it and understand her a little better. Plus, we’ve been giving her Lily’s Kitchen food, following the guidelines on transitioning her to the new food, and she seems happier already. Lily’s Kitchen is easier to digest, is full of omega oils for a shiny coat and the perfect balance of nutrients for heart and eye health too. Leia is enjoying it and she definitely looks healthier for it too.

Understanding Our Cat's Behaviour with Lily's Kitchen - and Giveaway!


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  1. our cat is 19 years old, she had always been a tiny cat so she looks like a kitten, she sleeps a lot now and she is deaf, but she can still jump up on the kitchen worktop and keep the 2 doggies in check!

  2. Where to start…I have one independent, yet loving girl called Moneypenny, and an affectionate, yet slobbish boy. They recently gave us 5 kittens, which are all the most adorable things in the world! Your cat is lovely <3

  3. My cat is good most of the time but in the middle of the night she decides she wants to outside so scratches at the carpet! There’s another cat that tries to come in too and that makes her anxious. Sometimes it causes her to wee in the kitchen!

  4. My cat is a stray one we picked up 7 years ago. She sits on the chair all day since we moved and only comes out when the kids are in bed. My other cat unfortunately ran away. He was lovely.

  5. I have 2 cats, both decided to come & live with me! Peppa belonged to a neighbour 2 doors down but when they moved house, not far away, Peppa decided she wasn’t going to live there & came to me (dunno why, she seldom visited my garden before). No matter how many times they came to fetch her, she would always return to my garden. So eventually I agreed to keep her.

    Ginger has been with me just over a year now, again decided to come & live with me. He was a tom until about 3 weeks ago, used to go roaming most of the day and usually stayed out overnight. But since having his nuts chopped off he’s turned into a right little mummy’s boy! Wants to sit on my lap all the time & is happy to just sleep or sun bathe in the garden all day. At least he’s stopped fighting – took him to the vet loads of times due to wounds.

  6. Aww your cat is adorable!
    My cat is a tabby her name is Molly and she is a family only cat lol she comes across as very grumpy towards my poor neighbour who would love nothing more than to be able to stroke her without getting growled and hissed at lol Molly is a purring big softy when with her family and she does love to play!

  7. One of our cats is a rescue cat who has been with us 9 years & still so wary of everything yet she is such a sweet girl, she has to have a way out of wherever she is else she panics. Our other cat was next doors but decided she wanted to live with us, such a cheeky madam and will push our other cat out the way to get all the food and attention. Amazes me how they all have their own unique personalities.

  8. My little boy is very well behaved and cuddly, but he gets very noisy in the mornings when he is hungry and will paw at my face until he gets fed

  9. One of our cats,Rosie,continually “shouts” at our dogs when she wants attention. If they ignore her she stands up on her back legs and whacks them in the chops!

  10. I have 5 cats and they all have their own personalities! My oldest is 20 this year and the youngest is 5. The oldest (Molly) is one nasty cat lol She has always been mean! 😀

  11. I have 2 cats, both rescues. We inherited one from our friends when they emigrated, and he’s just like Henri le chat noir. And our other boy is ‘the white idiot’, except he’s a tabby!

  12. Our cat, Poppy, is just adorable! She loves tummy rubs and cuddles, she always follows me around the house and wants to be with me all the time

  13. I knew it was a mistake naming my cat after the famous T.S. Elliot moggy ‘Macavity’ …we truly, very rarely see him and often only know he’s paid us a visit when we notice he’s stolen his grub when we weren’t looking 😉

  14. I have 3 cats, Miley is very stubborn and likes to be the dominant figure and the one in control. Willow is very timid and anxious, and Midge is very grumpy

  15. I have two 1 year olds who are poles apart in personality. Calypso (named after the greek mythological character in the odyssey) is reserved and private whereas Cinnamon(named after the spice) is adoring and purs like a train when stroked! They’ve been with us since they were six weeks and are now my babies and a part of our family xx

  16. I adopted my two lovelies from The RSPCA and couldn’t imagine life without them.
    Pepsi is long haired black and is such a character, never known a cat to purr so loud haha. We always say it’s like having a dog when he brings back the toys we throw.
    Sugar is a short haired tabby. The quieter of them two but follows us about everywhere. We often find the kitchen sponge missing where she is throwing it about in the air playing with it!

  17. Mika’s obsessed with opening drawers and wardrobe doors and rushes to the door like a little dog whenever she hears a knock!

  18. Your cat is adorable! It looks like my sister’s cat, Star. My sisters cats are curious, energetic and elusive. One of them (Amber) likes to play and is quite social. Willow likes to sit by a windowsill and be nosey, and Star likes to laze around either in her chair or hide upstairs!

  19. Ted is good as gold and as he’s getting older he’s getting a bit quieter. Baby, his nephew is a year younger and he can be quite a handful and is always sleeping in places he shouldn’t be!

  20. We have three cats the mum and two of her babies, and mum cat is definitely the boss. She even gets to eat first.

  21. I have 3 cats and they are all so different. I do get followed around the house a lot by at least one of them and i can’t sit down without one being on my knee – thats when the kids are in bed of course!

  22. Your cat is so cute.
    Thanks for sharing some remarkable idea. As a cat lover, I’m always conscious about my feline care and also when it comes to her feed, she is a Ragdoll that has been with the family for 8 years.

  23. I have four cats Pixie she is the boss and such a diva she graceful but if she falls off something she always looks around to see if any of the other saw her . Pixie is also the best trained she will sit when told to etc . THen we have Moomin who is just so playful and very affectionate . Then we have Chaos who is scared of most things except the hoover and is very clumsy , then we have Luna is affectionate but does enjoy her own company .

  24. Our poppy is feisty but lovely…. she takes no nonsense from our two dogs, but she does love a fuss!

  25. Our dog is 10 years old but thinks she’s still a pup, she is brilliant when around my grandchildren who love throwing her ball for her

  26. My cat thinks he’s boss of the street parading about like he owns the place. He’s a real softy though and loves curling up in our laps

  27. We have 2 cats, Chuckie is a bit of a snob and turns her nose up to certain foods and trears but will go to anyone for fuss, and our Dash is the opposite, loves his grub, loving as anything to those he knows but very wary of strangers

  28. We have 3 cats and they’re all very different. One is very stressy, one lazy and the other a fusspot.

  29. He likes being out a lot but still loves his bed or lap to snuggle on. He’s an independent soul but always comes home for food!

  30. My cat Begbie still looks like a kitten (he’s actually 5) but I swear he thinks he’s a tiger or something. he is always getting into fights and chasing off dogs and cats twice his size 😀

  31. Our cat is very timid but very sweet. He follows us to school and loves the baby in the family!

  32. We have four cats. Not only do they time-share patrol duties in the garden and beyond, they also time-share prime places to sleep as well 🙂 These tend to rotate every two months or so going in and out of fashion. They are the strangest, but most lovely, four-legged family members!

  33. we have two cats both are very playful when they are in the mood the male one Slash is the most laid back and will let spiders walk in fount of him and just watch them where as Callie will pounce and be the hunter and can be very demanding for attention

  34. We have two rescue cats – Maddie, a lady, and Antinous, a gentleman. Maddie is a tabby and a lot larger and thicker set than Antinous, black medium-haired and is usually mistaken for the male.

  35. I have six cats, mostly Persians. They are a beautiful, quiet breed and get on well with each other and with people – mostly!

  36. Our cat is called Nutmeg and is as daft as a brush. She’s associated the kitchen door with food, so she sits next to it when she’s hungry, not realising there’s food in her bowl a few feet away 🙂

  37. I have been trying to make friends with my niece’s cat. As she is definitely a one-girl cat I have been using treats and a lot of perseverance to get anywhere near her.

  38. Tamber is a timid cat, she’s very affectionate with only me, she took to me straight away. She was my nieces cat but they couldn’t have her anymore due to an unexpected house move. It’s been 3 or 4 years now we’ve had her. Worked out perfectly as she is our only pet so gets all of our attention, she’s also never often on her own which she seems to prefer. She rubs her head against my feet enthusiastically, we think this is so she gets the perfect tickle spot. She also does this to my hands by putting her head in my hands and sometimes leaving it there very cute. She sleeps on my dressing gown or anything that smells of me, if she had a pet bed I’d have to put my feet in it or sit in it to make her use it. I’ve made the mistake of washing things of comfort to her and she wouldn’t touch them until they had a familiar scent to them again. She knows our routines and makes sure we don’t get up late, she used to do this by placing her paw on my face now she favours purring and sitting next to my pillow. I could go on and on about her she means the world to me.

  39. He’s getting on about now so basically spends all his time sleeping or demanding attention and affection

  40. I have 4 cats and they all have different personalities:
    Morticia the oldest loves to be petted but hates being picked up – she is very greedy and will steal food espcially if its dairy related. She’s very clean and a proper huntress and often brings home gifts

    LeoCat is a bengal – very dominant and very loving towards me but not so keen on other people

    Dena is part feral she prefers to be outside and doesnt like people much – she does come to me for fusses but always on her terms and she can sometimes bite

    LadyCat is our special needs kitty – she very small about half the size of a regular cat – she loves playing and cuddles and follows me eerywhere

  41. i have 11 kitties theyre all my babies they all purr sit on my lap and most lay on the bed, and they all wait at the front door waiting for me to come home from shopping because they know its treat time usually a pack of chicken slices I only have to rattle the pack or their favourite dreamies I,m surrounded meows echo the home till all you hear is happy kitties eating away ,washie time after ,sleep next then night time is playtime wonderful tasty giveaway all paws crossed

  42. My cat is aloof. He does exactly what he wants, when he wants. He loves you – on his terms. In all he is a typical cat.

  43. You will either find Samson lazing in the sun or by the fire in winter, or exploring our garden or a bit further afield. He loves to hunt, often bringing back ‘gifts’, and also enjoys sitting on the window sill and watching the world go by.

  44. Our cat used to wait for me at the end of the street when I had finished work. Sadly passed away now. this prize would be for my sons cat

  45. Our cat will only eat in the bathroom with the door closed. He loves cuddles and searches for anyone sitting down and will sit right on their chest. He kneads and purrs constantly!

  46. He’s a bit of a character. Cute and fluffy one minute then temperamental the next. I love him anyway.

  47. We have 3 cats, all siblings, and they all have completely different personalities. Olive is a fearsome hunter and is always coming back home with a dead squirrel, mouse or rat (yuck!). He is very friendly and always purring. Venus has long fur and is very demanding, always wanting to be combed and stroked. She will bat you with her paw if she thinks she is being ignored. Little Paris is the smallest and most timid, she spends the day sleeping in a basket on my desk, follows me round the house, sleeps with me at night and rarely goes outside.

  48. I have 5, they are all completely different, Sulley is the oldest at 14 is very chilled out, then there’s Ice who only has 3 legs now as she got runover – she’s lovely. Then Poppy who’s Ice’s daughter, she spends half the day down the end of the garden on the swing. Then Cookie & Cream who are only a year old, they spend most of the time hassling the chickens next door

  49. mad as a hatter! + I have 2 (twins) completely crazy but totally lovable – they run round the house like lunatics

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