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At two, Little Man hasn’t slept for more nights than he has. When he was a baby he would wake every 2-3 hours for a feed every single night and this carried on until we stopped breastfeeding at a year – but the broken sleep continued for a good few months. Now, Little Man goes to sleep fairly well most nights but is quite a disturbed sleeper, waking often, whinging in his sleep and just not sleeping that well – although the majority of his wake ups he does settle himself back to sleep.

I’m always keen to try things that may improve sleep for all of us and so when I heard about Johnson’s 3 step bedtime routine I was keen to see if it would help him fall asleep and then stay asleep longer as it promises.

For the next week we’ll be doing our typical bedtime routine. LP and Little Man have a bath together most nights, we then have towel cuddles whilst Little Man dries off before getting him into his pyjamas and reading a book or two before turning the lights out and saying good night. I’ll be keeping a diary of each night – how long it took Little Man to fall asleep, how many times he woke in the night, what time he woke up and a few other things.

The following week we’ll be following the Johnson’s 3 Step Bedtime Routine and keeping a diary of our results. The multi-sensory routine has three easy to follow stages that I am eager to put into practice. They are Bath, Massage and Quiet Time.

Trying a new Bedtime Routine with Johnson's

I have never used baby massage with either of my children really so I’m looking forward to seeing what Little Man thinks of that. Quiet time is also not something we really do – even the bedtime reading is quite loud and exciting so this new bedtime routine will be something completely different!

I’ll be writing about the 3 Step Bedtime Routine at the end of our two weeks to let you know how we got on with it and most importantly, whether Little Man slept better!

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