The Treehouse at Number 9

As regular readers will know, we love books in our house and are always looking for new ways to keep the children occupied, especially in the car. We have started to download TV shows and apps to keeps LP entertained and only wish we owned an iPad to introduce LP to The Treehouse at Number 9.

The Treehouse at Number 9

The Treehouse at Number 9 was the brainchild of Sara, mum to Louis – a genetically complex little boy. She came across a stumbling block when looking for a book to explain children who are different to others due to genetic disorders. Every book seemed depressing and showed children with individual needs as challenging. Sara wanted to capture children with individual needs as real kids, not just stereotypes in a book, kids who live their lives to the the full, despite their sometimes very complicated genetic disorders.

Passionate about the power of storytelling, Sara joined up with graphic designer and fellow friend Karen Shooter. As a powerful force the duo are creating stories to inspire and entertain children. The Treehouse at Number 9 is the first of many books in this journey.

The Treehouse at Number 9 is about an exciting gang of friends who all have a different genetic disorder with great adventures to share. Alongside the story, the images are captivating and the music is enticing.

Jean Genie is the granny of the family that lives at Number 9. Also living in this friendly inviting house are The Duke and Carey, parents to Joe and his little brother Ted. The boys go to school with Macro, Angel, Oscar, Cee-Cee, Flo and Lugs and together they make up the Genies Gang.

As a gang of friends they all have things that they do brilliantly and some that they struggle with, some of those challenges caused by medical conditions that the children happen to have. The story shows them going about their daily lives having as much fun as possible, and supporting each other so that they can all enjoy themselves together.

To listen to and read The Treehouse at Number 9 and find out about the adventures of the gang download the free app on your iPad.

The Treehouse at Number 9

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