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Sitting here, with the grey weather outside the window, the heating on and feeling like there’s nothing to look forward to until the summer, I find myself starting to look for our summer holiday, thinking of those sunny days by the pool, lazing on the beach or exploring somewhere new. And it makes me happy.

Is Travel the Key to your Happiness?

So it’s no surprise that research from, where they surveyed 17,000 people from 17 countries, has shown that going away on holiday gives us more of an emotional boost than other big life events – your own wedding day (49%), going on a date with your partner (51%), landing a new job (50%), getting engaged (45%) or even having a baby (29%). Like me, the majority of those surveyed – a whopping 77% – also look to book a holiday when they’re in need of a happiness boost or pick me up.

Is Travel the Key to your Happiness?

The research showed that travel brings more happiness than material things – which is why so many people would rather spend money on a holiday than new clothes or the latest tech. Over half the people surveyed also put holidays above home improvement in importance, knowing that there’s always going to be DIY that needs doing – and they just really need a holiday.

Is Travel the Key to your Happiness?

But, for me, the biggest statistic is that 75% are happier when travelling as a family rather than on their own and I know that I am definitely one of those people. Holidays are amazing but they’re even better when you can make memories with the people that mean most to you, seeing them having a nice time and enjoying a break together.

I definitely feel happiest when I’m making holiday plans – looking at flights and accomodation, working out an itinerary and truly seeing the world as our oyster. There’s nothing like stepping out of a plane and knowing you’ll have a break full of new experiences – and it all starts when you first even think about having a holiday.

Is Travel the Key to your Happiness?

For me, a holiday starts the minute the children finish school, Dave finish work and the out of office is on my emails. Then we can make sure everything is packed, relax and look forward to the week or two of quality time together. But it doesn’t have to be a big holiday – even a mini-break or weekend away make me happy, as I’m sure they do so many other people.

Is Travel the Key to your Happiness?

It’s not surprising that 39% of people think about their upcoming holiday one or more times a day and 35% book their holidays months in advance. Although I’ve known we’ll be going on holiday this year since our break last summer I haven’t actually got around to booking anything for this summer yet – but just knowing we’ll have a break makes me happy.

If you have no holiday plans just yet maybe now is the time to start planning one? I know that within the next few weeks we’ll have a holiday booked – and I cannot wait for the burst of happiness that will bring!

Is Travel the Key to your Happiness?

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  • Booking a holiday is second only to actually going on said holiday for me. I love going away so much and love the planning and then the excitement in the run up to the big event and I always do my research but I hadn’t ever thought of using for outside the Uk either. Definitely will in future, thanks!

  • Oh I totally agree with this, we’re always happier when we’re travelling. We’ve got nothing booked just yet as we’re not sure if we’ll have a camper van by the summer, if we do we’ll be off travelling like a shot!

  • I completely agree! I’ve always loved going on holiday and even more so since having the girls. I get excited from the minute we start planning and booking a holiday. I have a countdown to it, I start looking for summer clothes for the girls, I make lists. I love everything about it and the best bit is the time we have away as family with none of the daily routine. x

  • We use all the time and travelled to Perugia and Switzerland just last year, in the same month! Really love the pics, makes me feel like summer is coming soon. Just a few more months to go and we’ll be heading to North Cyprus for my brother’s wedding in June. CANNOT WAIT!! x

  • Completely agree with this – family holidays are such a special time – we are hoping to have one last term time holiday before E starts school in September and the dates of our holidays become more restricted!

    I would definitely rather spend money on a holiday than on unnecessary products or items we don’t need. X

  • I’m an absolute holiday junkie too. Whether it’s a cheap weekend beak camping or in an air b n b or a big holiday we’ve planned for ages I relish them all. For me it’s not just the break itself I love everything about holidays, searching for deals, reading reviews, packing, shopping even the airport experience – it’s all part of it for me.

  • Ahh I cannot wait for our first family holiday. It feels like a lifetime since we last went away. We do have a break coming up next week in Chesterfield that we booked through, I love how easy their website is to navigate.

  • My husband constantly tells me how much he wants a holiday. Family holidays in the sun is his fave thing to do. We’d love to go before Lamb starts school in September but we just can’t afford it 🙁 xx

  • I’m desperate to get something booked for this year, I love having something to look forward to. Need to go have a little look at what’s available and see where we fancy heading off to!! I need to make the most of being able to go in term time I think!

  • I am definitely one of those people who thinks about holidays several times a day. Infact I am in a post holiday lull after our trip to Bath, but thankfully 6 weeks until our next holiday and sunshine at long last x

  • Oh I didn’t know they did hotels abroad, I honestly thought they were just UK based! I agree, travelling makes me happy. I love seeing new places and I can’t wait until the kids are just that little bit older, and manageable, so we can start some super adventures! x

  • I feel on edge if I don’t have a getaway plan! They say…a change is as good as a rest…and I agree completely. Just doing something so out of routine is wonderful, especially with the people you love most, and seeing them try new things. It’s magical! x