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When you have children so many things change in your life and your priorities are considerably rearranged. Dave and I, for years, had every games console on the market as well as many games and accessories. We spent evenings either the two of us or with friends playing games – Rock Band, Guitar Hero and the Buzz Quiz games. Console gaming was a big part of our life!

Zoom forward a couple of years, two children and a completely ‘new’ life. Dave and I now have limited time to indulge in our hobbies and every console we own has been superceded by at least one and sometimes two new consoles. In all honesty, this doesn’t bother me very much – I don’t really see console gaming as a part of my life any more, especially as I now have blogging as a hobby but for Dave console gaming is still something he loves and he would love to have an up to date console to use.

We have a PS3 sitting under our TV but for the last two years it has been used purely as a Blu-Ray player. It would be great to upgrade this machine to one the Dave can dedicate some time in the evenings to playing. The PS4 seems to follow on seamlessly from its predecessor – featuring the same great game franchises that we’re familiar with – Call of Duty, Metal Gear Solid, Assassins Creed and Final Fantasy to name a few. Familiar games but more powerful graphics and speed as well as unparalleled content and a completely immersive gaming experience.


Every PS4 game focuses on the gamer being as involved in the game as possible – by sharing their achievements over social media, playing with friends across the Playstation Network and being able to play wherever and whenever they like, however they like. One thing that Davehas always used to be more involved in games is a gaming headset and I’m sure he’d use one of a variety of PS4 headsets if he were to get the PS4. From being able to talk to other players online whilst playing a game or literally directing characters in the game by talking to them – the possibilities that gaming headsets open up are endless. We’ve found that Gioteck offer a huge range of headsets as well as other gaming accessories for any console. As well as gaming headsets we’d look to get a Playstation Camera to have a truly responsive experience with the PS4 and chargers for the Dual Shock 4 controllers – Nothing worse than sitting down to play a game to find that your controllers have run out of charge!

Dave would love a PS4, some new games and accessories – they will definitely stay on his wish list this year!

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