TMI (Too Much Information) Tag

I was tagged earlier tonight by Laura Summers to do this meme – I do love a meme so thought I’d do it straight away! Hopefully this will help you get to know me a bit better πŸ™‚

Here goes!

1) What are you wearing? – Jeans, a vest top and a cardigan. Pretty standard for me although normally after the children are in bed I’ll put my PJs on!

2) Ever been in love? – Yep, and still am! I love my Hubby hugely, but not as much as the kids πŸ˜‰

3) Ever had a terrible breakup? – No.

4) How tall are you? – 5ft 3. The question should be ‘How short are you?’

5) How much do you weigh? – Right now? Just under 11st. My Weight Watchers goal weight is 10st 9 so I’ll be back there once I’ve burnt off the daily cream teas from holiday!

6) Any tattoos? – Nope, not a fan of anything so permanent.

7) Any piercings? – Both ears plus one at the top of my left ear and my belly, although I haven’t had a bar through it since I got pregnant with LP – I don’t think I’ll ever put a belly bar back in, my belly is definitely no longer for public viewing!

8) OTP? – One True Pairing? My perfect pair would be Hubby and I. He completes me. Other than that, Minnie and Mickey are a pretty awesome couple πŸ™‚

9) Favourite Show? – Mmmm I loved Lost but the ending ruined it for me. ER was an amazing show, I ended up feeling like the characters were friends and cried so many times! Current shows… I love Homeland. So serious and real, edge of your seat gripping and twists in every episode. Great stuff!

10) Favourite bands? – Coldplay, Stereophonics, Oasis. Little bit dated now!

11) Something you miss? – The cinema. I used to love going to the cinema regularly with Hubby. Overpriced tickets that we use Nectar points to afford and overpriced popcorn and drinks that we buy anyway and then spend the whole night moaning about the price of. Yep, I miss it. Haven’t been in far too long.

12) Favourite song? – I love Fast Car by Tracy Chapman. Whenever it comes on the radio I sing along, love her voice.

13) How old are you? – 29 and very nearly a half. I’m 30 in October.

14) Zodiac sign? – Libra.

15) Quality you look for in a partner? – Trust, honest and built to make me feel safe.

16) Favourite Quote? – Happiness is not a destination, it’s a way of life.

17) Favourite actor? – Hugh Jackman.

18) Favourite colour? – Purple! My first car was purple, LP’s room is purple, our sofas are purple. I LOVE PURPLE!

19) Loud music or soft? – There is a time and a place for both. Concerts have to be as loud as possible, so loud you can feel the bass inside you. But over dinner music should be softer and purely for ambience.

20) Where do you go when you’re sad? – Now? In the bath. I love to lay in the bath and ‘drown my sorrows’. Growing up I’d lay in bed and bury my face in the cat.

21) How long does it take you to shower? – Minutes. Not long at all, I don’t have the time to have long showers any more.

22) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? – Minutes. Same as above. Time to get ready is a luxury I don’t have often.

23) Ever been in a physical fight? – No.

24) Turn on? – Making me laugh!

25) Turn off? – Bad breath and bad teeth.

26) The reason I joined Youtube? – When I was a finalist to be a Graco Ambassador I joined YouTube to upload videos of us reviewing the Graco Sky.

27) Fears? – I don’t really have fears now apart from something awful happening to the children, that’s my only fear. I’m not keen on spiders but that pales in comparison.

28) Last thing that made you cry? – My Dad on the phone yesterday. His Dad is very, very sick. Bedridden and waiting for the inevitable kind of sick. It’s a very sad time.

29) Last time you said you loved someone? – Today, to LP and LM. I tell them I love them all the time.

30) Meaning behind your blog name? – I’m a Redhead and I started blogging when LP started ‘babyled’ weaning. Redhead Babyled.

31) Last book you read? – The Babyled Weaning book…. Other than that I can’t remember finishing a book.

32) The book you’re currently reading? – I’m not…

33) Last show you watched? – First Dates. Hilarious. This show should be on all year round.

34) Last person you talked to? – Hubby, as he’s sitting next to me. We were watching videos of LP’s reactions to the friends theme tune when she was around a year old. So cute and so, so funny!

35) The relationship between you and the person you last texted? – My lovely friend Jo @Mummy_and_Wifey. We worked together and she ended up moving to the end of my road and she’s now a huge part of my life. We’ve had babies in alternate years since 2011. I think we’re both done now!

36) Favourite food? – Oooh toughie. I love food, any food. Having just come back from Cornwall I would have to say scones with cream and jam. YUMMY!!

37) Place you want to visit? – New York. Without a doubt, one day I want to go to New York at Christmas. Ice Skating, Christmas lights, shopping.

38) Last place you were? – I went to my ‘new’ work today to confirm going back. other than that, home!

39) Do you have a crush? – Hugh Jackman!

40) Last time you kissed someone? – The children when they went to bed.

41) Last time you were insulted? – I can’t remember, I have grown a thick skin over the years and don’t get insulted easily anymore.

42) Favourite flavour of sweet? – Sherbet Lemons. They are my fail safe car sweet!

43) What instruments do you play? – I used to play the violin in childhood and the harmonica as a teen. I don’t play either any more.

44) Favourite piece of jewellery? – I’d say my wedding and engagement rings but I haven’t worn them since I was pregnant with LP as they don’t fit any more. I have a Thomas Sabo bracelet with lots of charms that I love and one day I’ll give it to LP.

45) Last sport you played? – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

46) Last song you sang? – Fly me to the moon. I always sing it absentmindedly to the children or around the house.

47) Favourite chat up line? – I don’t have one.

48) Have you ever used it? – I’ve never used any chat up line!

49) Last time you hung out with anyone? – That would have been with Katie and Amy down in Cornwall! Lovely morning with our kiddies.

50) Who should answer these questions next? – I would love it if Lauren from Belle Du Brighton could answer as I just know she will have read lots of books and be in the process of reading one. Also, Colette from Going On An Adventure as I just love her blog and Amy from Mummy And The Boy as she got a little mention in this!

Thanks for the tag Laura!

TMI (Too Much Information) Tag


  1. April 10, 2014 / 7:23 pm

    Thanks Donna πŸ™‚
    It looks like your husband was your first love too! X

  2. April 16, 2014 / 11:19 pm

    Love this comment. I am actually your ginger-separated-at-birth twin! x

  3. April 18, 2014 / 3:39 pm

    I love this meme. Some different questions from usual! I have been tagged too, and really enjoyed doing mine. Made me think!

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