This Time Last Year..

This time last year we were in Cornwall. We’d had a terrible experience with a holiday rental the night before (that you can read about here) and had to change our accommodation the following morning.

We were rushing around like anything. Trying to pack everything up and get dressed – not just dressed but dressed for an occasion. A wedding!

Dave, LP and I spent this day a year ago at the loveliest wedding I have ever been a guest at. It started at the Bride’s local family church with a lovely purple colour scheme, flowers everywhere and so many people. The vows were perfect, the readings different and unusual and suited the happy couple down to a tee – everything was about them, their love for eachother and their marriage.

The reception was in a huge marquee at the Bride’s parents farm. The marquee was truly amazing – bunting everywhere, chandeliers and a bar set up in the corner. All the furniture was shabby chic, white table linen and simple floral table centres. There were even portaloos nextdoor. Not just your ‘bog’ standard portaloos – the poshest portaloos you have ever seen. The whole wedding had been put together so well!

There was a buffet dinner, followed by afternoon tea with mismatched crockery and cake stands. The drink for the toast was the Bride’s favourite local Cornish cider and in the evening there was a hog roast – served in massive white baps.

The speeches were great, the Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom both doing lovely speeches, the Best Man and Groom. The Groom’s speech was perfect. Speeches are always such a memorable part of the day. The Groom had also made this video as a surprise for the bride on the morning of the wedding. Definitely worth a watch!

The evening entertainment was a Wurzels tribute band – you should all know this song! Followed by a ‘disco’. The Bride and Groom had rehearsed their first dance, and danced ‘properly’ to it, it was lovely to watch – although if you ask the bride now, she’d say that her dress got in the way – and what a dress it was! Huge, but not too huge, lacy and traditional. It suited her perfectly.

The whole day whizzed by in a blur. LP stayed up way past her bedtime and ended up falling asleep in her pushchair while Dave and I had a little dance. Unbeknown to us I was probably pregnant with Little Man at this point!

This wedding will definitely stay in my memory for a very long time. It really was perfect.

On this day, at the other end of the country, two other people were getting married who I hadn’t known very long. Two people that I still haven’t met but who are definitely very good friends of mine – thanks to that wonderful world of Twitter.

4 people today, celebrating two 1st wedding anniversaries.

Mr & Mrs Williams and Mr and Mrs D-J – Happy Anniversary.

May this be the 1st anniversary of many, many more to come.

Love from The Wisharts xx

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