This Time 2 Years Ago

This time 2 years ago I was 2 weeks away from giving birth. I’d been on maternity leave for over a month by this point and was getting bored of my own company!

The midwives had told me all the way through pregnancy that Baby can come any time after 37 weeks, so I’d focused on 37 weeks, and when that milestone came and went, and I was still massively pregnant at 38 weeks I was feeling pretty fed up!

My days were spend bouncing on my birth ball doing jigsaws whilst watching Jeremy Kyle and other equally educational day time TV, all the while emptying the biscuit tin and eating toast like it was going out of fashion. My evenings were spent eating curry and pineapple plus continuing to bounce on the birth ball and feeling like a wallowing hippo.

I would get up at 6am every morning, suffering from terrible insomnia but I was completely up to date on current affairs for the first, and only, time in my life – there isn’t much on TV at 6am apart from news and daybreak style TV.

Those days were the last ones where I was able to sleep until whenever I wanted, only look after myself, go to the toilet unaccompanied, eat a whole meal whilst hot and without sharing it with a small person. At the time I didn’t appreciate that time to myself at all but I am so glad I had it – that I had, in total, 6 weeks off work before LP arrived. 6 weeks to just ‘be’. It was lovely!

I wouldn’t change life now though – Having little people to look after definitely fills up my day. I have no idea how I wasn’t eternally bored before having kids – I obviously watched too much awful TV that took up all my time! Looking back though, I was so keen for LP to arrive, as soon as possible yet in hindsight babies should stay inside for as long as possible. When it came down to it, LP came when she was good and ready – Three days late.

This Time 2 Years Ago

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