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It’s that time again, election day. There are different parties, with different policies but the one thing they really have in common is that our future is , at least partly, in their hands. Around the time of the election I always find myself thinking about what could happen and what the future holds for my family and I.

I have always felt that if you work hard and make the right choices that you can get anywhere in life and I hope the same for my children in the future. I always like to think that no matter which political party is elected you can still achieve everything you would like to in life.

I grew up in a family who voted for the same party every time but also my parents believed a lot in fate and that the future and our destiny is pre-written, what will be will be. They got married in a spiritualist church and my mother spent a lot of time reading tarot cards, getting her own readings and going to clairvoyance evenings – similar to the services offered at TheCircle. Like my parents, to some extent I also believe our fate isn’t really in our hands but I like to think that we can give it a bit of a nudge in the right direction with positivity and a good work ethic – even if the outcome has already been decided.

But what will our future bring? I have no idea – I’ve never had a tarot reading! But I hope that the children, Dave and I keep being as happy, healthy and fortunate as we are now. That we’re able to keep working, having holidays and enjoying life. LP goes off to school in September which will change our family dynamic but before long Little Man will be off to preschool too. The next few years are full of school and school holidays full of adventures. Beyond that? Your guess is as good as mine!

Thinking of the Future on Election Day

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