Things that Wind Me Up – #VlogStars

I’m joining in with VlogStars again this month after missing it last month as we were just so busy. I like chatting to a camera – not something I ever thought I would say – and it’s nice to get a prompt from Colette and Katy each month to give me something specific to chat about.

I loved this month’s prompt – Things that Wind Me Up. I try not to let much wind me up but sometimes there are things that get to me, frustrate me and make me feel full of that angst from my teenage years. So here are the things that wind me up:

So what do you think? Do those things wind you up to or are the things that wind you up completely different?


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  1. May 14, 2017 / 1:22 am

    Throw away the socks. Just throw away the socks! Picking them up doesn’t annoy me as much as the disappearing socks. We must have 300 socks in the house, about 100 of which don’t have a twin. So irritating!

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