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I’ve written before about Little Man’s teething and yet again we are in the middle of a teething spell. Little Man now has 3 teeth and the fourth is going to be with us before we know it. Since LM got his first tooth at 5 months it has felt like neverending teething – The grouchiness, the dribbling, the unsettledness,the rosy cheeks, the disturbed sleep. Little Man turns into a completely different child when teething.

There are a few things that we do to help with baby teething and things I’ve heard about working for other people –

  • Cucumber! Little Man loves to chew on cold cucumber sticks and if we’re at home it’s the first thing we reach for.
  • Teething/Chewy Toys – Little Man has a lot of toys that he can chew when he’s teething as well as a couple that go in the fridge!
  • Dribble Bibs – Dribble Bibs are a necessity when Little Man’s teething. He dribbles everywhere and along with the trademark runny nose he ends up a bit of a mess!
  • Amber Teething Jewellery – We’ve never used any of these but I know a lot of people swear by Amber Necklaces and Bracelets.
  • Nursing – Breastfeeding helps to take LM’s mind away from the teething and is a great comfort to him.
  • Cold Water – Little Man loves to chew on the silicon top of his drinking cup when it’s full of cold water – He always seems better from the cold water and chewing combination.
  • Distractions – We try and distract LM as much as possible, change activities regularly and keep his as occupied as possible. We read books, sing songs, act silly and watch cartoons. Anything to distract him from his teething!
  • Medicines – If all else fails we resort to an appropriate medicine. Boiron Camilia teething drops are a new natural homeopathic medicinal product used within the homeopathic tradition for teething relief that treats the teething pains as well as the symptoms – irritable behaviour, swollen gums, sore bums, red cheeks, dribbling and more. Camilla for teething contains Chamomilla vulgaris 9c, Phytolacca decandra 5c and Rheum 5c — and purified water. To make things easier, Camilia is presented in Sterile single-dose containers, with no sugar, no lactose, no alcohol, no flavor and no preservatives. As with all medicines, always read the label!

Throughout Little Man’s teething times, and the times when LP still suffers with teething – her back molars are still to come through – We always fall back on the never fail ‘cuddle remedy’. Most of the time we do all of the above and the only thing left is to sit on the sofa or in the rocking chair, snuggled in a blanket and having a cuddle. Cuddles may not fix everything but they definitely help!

Do you have any ways of relieving teething symptoms? Anything that you do to make your children feel better?


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