First Love of My Life

I had the first love of my life when I was 10. It was 1994 and I was at Primary School. There were two ‘boys’ that I was infatuated with – one more than the other.

There names were PJ and Duncan.

PJ and Duncan were everything. I lived and breathed them. Rushing home from school to watch Byker Grove and putting their Psyche album on my Christmas list. Turning the TV up extra loud when the adverts for ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble’ came on.

When Santa brought me the Psyche album I played it over and over – it was on cassette and I had a yellow plastic Walkman that I used to listen to it with big yellow foam headphones. Turning the cassette over so many times each day. I knew all the words and could recite them without prompting.

Over the next couple of years I asked Santa for their other albums – Top Katz and The Cult of Ant & Dec.

I got a stereo to play them on too. No more foam headphones for me.

I loved Declan Donnelly. I was going to grow up and marry him. He was my dream – all at the age of 12!

I had posters of Ant & Dec all over my room, even one on the ceiling above my bed. I had a scrap book and used to cut every mention of them out of Smash Hits and the papers and stick it lovingly into that scrap book.

I remember the speculation over Ant always wearing a baseball cap – did he have hair or didn’t he?! and the hoo-har when they went from PJ & Duncan to Ant & Dec. I remember when they were too old to be in Byker anymore and how they disappeared from the show, to return to the TV on a Saturday morning with The Ant & Dec Show. Since then they literally haven’t been away from the TV and are now household names.

I will always remember them ‘back in the day’ Dec with his floppy hair and Ant with that permanent baseball cap.

Ant & Dec, PJ & Duncan.

The first love of my life.


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