The Best Days of My Life

Continuing with Demanding Joy and the 50 Lists to Write to Lift Your Spirits.

The best days of my life, in no particular order, would be:

Getting my GCSE results – I was sure I’d flunked them as my parents split yo the weekend before they started but I somehow ended up with 9 A-C grades. August 2001.

Getting my first job at Woolworths – It gave me such independence, gave me confidence that I’d never had and gave me pocket money that my parents had never been able to give. October 1998. I was 14 and worked there until I was 18.

Passing my driving test – The world was suddenly so much bigger! 18th August 2004.

Meeting my Hubby – He literally changed my life. 15th July 2004.

Hubby proposing to me – 8th February 2008 at Audley’s Wood Hotel in Hampshire.

Our Wedding Day – Definitely the best single day of my whole life. 29th May 2009z

Moving into our forever home – Parked outside in our van, waiting for the keys. Looking through the windows at the empty rooms, wooden floorboards, sunlight shining over everything. 8th December 2010. Home.

My Children’s Birthdays – 28th August 2011 and 10th May 2013. Two perfect births in our perfect house and two perfect children.

Those are definitely the best days of my life. What would yours be?

The Best Days of My Life

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