The Beginning of Us – Rachel’s Story {Life at Home with Mrs B}

This week’s Beginning of Us post comes from Rachel over at Life at Home with Mrs B – She’s a relatively new blogger, with a shiny new blog name, and her blog is definitely worth reading – Rachel talks about all aspects of her family life and you can find her on Twitter too. Here’s Rachel with her story..

I met Daniel when we were both 19. I had been though my fair share of bad boyfriends and was only just recovered from drugs and trying to reclaim my life and my relationship back with my mum.

My mum had told me she was done with me and my boyfriends. I was too, or so I thought. I was shopping down Shepherds Bush Market looking for a rug to buy my Nan for her dining room. A friend of mine worked on the stall so naturally I thought this was a good place to start.

He was busy serving another customer when I arrived so a skin head guy asked if I needed any help. I didn’t really look at him to be honest, I wasn’t interested in him, I’d lost all trust in men and well, he didn’t look very appealing in a scruffy tracksuit anyway! He was friendly and polite which was nice and he helped me find a suitable rug so as least my Nan would be happy.

A week or so later I bumped into my friend from the carpet stall as I often shopped down there for various bits. He asked what I thought of the guy who served me. I said he was ok and was polite. He said that the guy, Daniel, was asking after me. I said straight away I wasn’t interested but he kept going on saying that he wasn’t like the other losers I’d dated. That he was kind and genuine. I refused to even think about it. A month of so later I was at my local pub on a Friday night with my friends when in enters Daniel with my friend from the carpet stall. Apparently he was part of his group of friends now. After a few drinks and with my hostile approach waning slightly my friend introduced us. Daniel looked quite nice looking now he wasn’t in his work clothes. We chatted for a while and he made me relax and laugh. It didn’t go any further for a few more weeks. My friend kept going on about me missing out if another girl got to him first and that he was a decent guy who wouldn’t hurt me. I went back down to the carpet stall and arranged to meet up with him again, this time in a quieter pub without the music and our friends all around us. I wanted to get to know what Daniel was really like.

old pic

I am so glad I did. He made me laugh and I felt comfortable around him. However it took my mum a long time to accept him. She was so scared he’d hurt me that she ignored him for months. It wasn’t until she noticed that I would always be home on time, he was anti drugs and smoking and he still lived at home with his mum that she became accepting of him. We spent our first weekend away in Brighton, it was freezing cold and rained the whole time but it was so much fun!

15 years have gone by since we met. We become stronger and more united every year that passes. I have suffered from anorexia and depression, we have lived in 8 homes, we moved from London to Manchester then back to London. We have got two gorgeous daughters, we have bought a house and finally got married!


Thanks Rachel for sharing your story. It definitely sounds to me like you and Daniel were just meant to be and you have been through so much already – I look forward to reading about the next adventures in your life.

If you would like to read the other posts in the series you can see them all here and remember to come back next week for another lovely story!

The Beginning of Us - A Blog Series



  1. March 17, 2016 / 7:14 am

    Lovely to learn how you & Daniel met. You have been through so much & he always sounds so amazingly supportive. Xx

  2. March 17, 2016 / 10:11 am

    I do love this series Donna. What a great story Rachel, I do hope that the difficult times are all behind you now. I’m a firm believer in what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and it sounds like you’re facing the world with a huge amount of strength behind you as a couple.x

  3. March 17, 2016 / 6:14 pm

    Donna I have never seen or read this series on your blog before and I love it – I am going to settle down tonight with a cuppa and have a good read through the other ones in the series. xxx

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