The Beginning of Us – Jade’s Story {Raising the Rings}

This week’s Beginning of Us comes from Jade over at Raising the Rings. Jade’s is someone who I have the pleasure of getting to know better as time goes on and she is such a lovely member of the blogging community. You can find Jade over on Twitter and Facebook. She writes about all aspects of family life with her two beautiful children and today she shares how she met her soon to be Husband…

Our story is a bit of a back to front one. Jamie and I have known each other for almost 15 years, although we’ve only been together for 4 of those. We went to school together and he was in a relationship with a friend at the time. We had classes together, had school trips together and I had always fancied him, but because he was with a friend, I never made a move. Girl code, you know.

Anyway, fast forward to quite a few years later and I just happened to post a picture of me on Twitter saying that where others grew into clothes, or their shoes, I had grown into my forehead (because it used to be massive!). Jamie, who was now single, replied to that particular tweet which progressed to direct messaging and then to texting. I was living with my then boyfriend of 3.5 years but I kept texting Jamie. He was the one giving me the butterflies.

The Beginning of Us - Jade's Story {Raising the Rings}

Anyway, on the 21st January 2012, we had arranged to meet in Sandringham for a walk around the woods just to catch up as old friends and reminisce a little. As I was about to leave, I physically couldn’t do it without giving him a kiss, or two, goodbye. We parted ways and I went to my auntie’s who then decided it would be a great idea to go to the pub. Fast forward to 11pm I was blind drunk and texting Jamie saying I was going to walk home. He actually came and picked me up and I wouldn’t tell him where I lived. I was completely steaming and I remember accidentally opening the window because my bum hit the button where I was trying to crawl over him. He had to ring my auntie to get directions to my house in the end.

A few days later I split up with my then boyfriend, and 7 months later Jamie and I were living together. I guess when you know it’s right, then it’s really right. It was only a few months after that I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with Toby. And here we are with another little one, Teddy. Jamie asked me to marry him in March 2014 and we’re getting married in October of this year. I don’t ever regret that day in Sandringham, and what would’ve been had I not sent that tweet?

The Beginning of Us - Jade's Story {Raising the Rings}

Thanks Jade for sharing your story. It’s amazing how after so much time you ended up together – he obviously went out with the wrong friend at school! You sound perfect for each other.

The Beginning of Us - A Blog Series

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