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I have long felt that a bath is one of life’s simplest pleasures. As well as being cleansing, baths can help you relax and unwind, soothe aching muscles and bring relief. Like a nice cup of tea, a good bath can fix most things. And so I was quite excited when The Bath Project got in contact to introduce me to their brand – a company who specialise in the art and science of bathing.

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

Who are The Bath Project?

The Bath Project create bathing rituals that provide customers with a healing, restorative escape that they can access in their own homes, or take with them when they are travelling.

At The Bath Project, they understand bath time like no-one else. Blending science and creativity, they have a range of experiences aimed at nurturing the individual, inside and out. The Bath Project know that self-care is not an indulgent luxury, but a necessary one and their range has been developed to bring a primal and sensual bathing experience into everyday lives, helping us to feel inspired, rejuvenated and replenished.

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

The Bath Project product range

The Bath Project have a range of rituals and formulations available, making sure that there is one perfect for everyone. There are Sensitive, Sleep, Sport and Skin rituals as well as The Little One aimed at babies and very young skin.

As well as the bathing ritual kits, The Bath Project also have a range of products to help with bath time to make it as relaxing and sensual as possible. There’s a Bathing Ritual Kit as well as brushes, bowls, whisks and face cloths. Everything you could need for a wonderful bathing experience.

Sleep from The Bath Project

I was sent the Sleep ritual to try and I couldn’t wait for my first bath. The bathing kit arrives in cardboard packaging which fits the brand perfectly. Everything is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible, with all packaging being reusable or recyclable. Even the little spoon included is wooden!

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

The set includes Beetroot Powder, Blue Spirulina, Apricot Kernel Oil, Magnesium Flakes, a blend of Lavender and Melissa Essential Oils and Camomile Infusion Bags. As soon as you open the box you know that this is no typical bubble bath – it’s like the best kind of science project, and I was so excited to get started!

The Bath Project make sure you have all the information you need to begin your bathing ritual. There are full instructions given and also walkthrough videos on The Bath Project’s YouTube channel.

The kit includes enough for five baths and I started each bath by getting together the equipment I needed for bath time. A couple of bowls, the included spoon and a measuring jug. You then infuse a couple of tea bags in hot water, add cold water and start running the bath. By this point the bathroom already smelt wonderful as the camomile aroma started to spread.

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

I then had to put the two powders in a bowl – Beetroot Powder and Blue Spirulina. These immediately created a lovely purple colour that smelt distinctly of beetroot. I then added some of the herbal infusion and stirred to make a paste.

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

Magnesium Flakes get added to the herbal infusion and stirred until they dissolve before adding the Apricot Kernel Oil and Lavender and Melissa blend. Both bowls then get emptied under the running water in the bath and you’re ready to enjoy your bath time.

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

The only thing I found a little tricky was working out quantities as the instructions said 7g of the powders and 80g of magnesium flakes and these needed to be weighed out. A scoop and set number of spoonfuls would have made this part easier. I also wasn’t sure when to remove the tea bags and ended up leaving them in until just before I got in the bath – although you could leave them in the bath throughout, I just didn’t want to risk splitting the bags by accident.

Bathing with The Bath Project

The Bath Project recommend that the bath should be 38-41 degrees, a really warm bath. I loved getting into my bath after going through the bathing ritual and the combination of the scents and warmth had an immediately relaxing feeling.

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

The bath isn’t greasy or gritty as you often find when using bath bombs and, despite the purple colour of the water, you’re left feeling really clean after the bath without any staining. However, you do need to rinse the bath out straight away afterwards!

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

A better night sleep with The Bath Project

The Sleep formulation combines quality ingredients aimed at balancing the nervous system, relaxing the muscles, reducing tension and calming the mind. It has a purple hue that has been chosen to evoke a tranquil and meditative state, and ingredients like magnesium flakes are designed to lower blood pressure and ease muscles, perfect for bedtime. Camomile tea, and an aromatherapy blend of Melissa and Lavender, have a calming effect, while Apricot oil is believed to hydrate and soothe the skin, reducing irritation that may be heightened by stress.

The Art and Science of Bathing with The Bath Project

The Sleep ritual definitely left me feeling calm and relaxed ready for sleep. It’s the perfect way to end the day, especially if you’ve done a lot of exercise, are feeling bodily or mentally tired or are stressed.

I’ve now had a few The Bath Project baths and really look forward to and relish the experience. It’s so much more than just running a typical bubble bath! I’m keen to try the other rituals from The Bath Project in the future.

You can find out more about The Bath Project over on their website. Each bath ritual set has an RRP of £70.00 or £63 if you subscribe to receive bathing rituals monthly. Find out more here. You can also see a little Reel of my bath time ritual over on Instagram here.


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