Sun Mousse Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

I have vivid memories from childhood of getting sunburnt quite regularly and so when I had children I promised myself I would do all I can to make sure that they never get burnt the way I did. This has made me quite paranoid at times and I find myself re-applying sun lotion constantly over the summer months.

The weather has turned nicer over the last few weeks and there have been days where I have had to use sun cream on the children. I have always used the same type of sun cream – pump action bottles of white lotion that takes a little effort to rub in and then smells like holidays.

Review: Sun Mousse

Sun Mousse recently sent us some of their sun protection mousse to try and it has made a nice change to our routine. Sun Mousse comes in a range that provides sun protection for the whole family. Offering six hours of protection from the sun. Sun Mousse is available in SPF 20, 30 and 50 and Kids 30 and 50. We asked to be sent the Kids SPF50 version as I like to use the highest factor possible with the children but we were actually sent the SPF30 which we are still using but only when the children are popping in and out to the garden – I would rather use SPF50 on a long day out where we’re mainly outside.

Review: Sun Mousse

The Sun Mousse is applied by squirting the mousse into your hand and then rubbing it into the skin. It is a lot easier to apply than the creams we usually use and is absorbed really well. It’s also not sticky or oily and is great for all over the children – including their faces.

Review: Sun Mousse

I have never tried any other types of sun protection, always preferring to stick with the products I know and trust but Sun Mousse has been great to use and I’ll definitely be keeping a look out for it in the future.

Sun Mousse has an RRP of £17.99

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