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In this day and age most Dads are as hands on as they possibly can be where their children are concerned. I know that my Dave has dealt with his fair share of the parental duties – Bathing the babies, feeding them, cleaning them up and changing their nappies – even the really awful ones! He has never been one to shy away from any Dad jobs and he’s got stuck in from the start.

Quite often I see in the media brands aiming marketing towards Mums – Mum hashtags on Twitter, brand’s tag lines aimed at Mums shopping somewhere, buying something, doing something and Dads often don’t get a look in. I found it refreshing to see Sudocrem in the media recently for wanting Simon Cowell to star in their latest advertising campaign. Simon Cowell has been spotted with a tub of the nappy cream and knowing that he changes nappies too makes him a great role model for modern families.

We have been great fans of Sudocrem since LP was born nearly three years ago and always have a tub ready to use, I’m not surprised that Sudocrem has made it into Simon Cowell’s change bag!

If Simon Cowell agrees to be the new face of Sudocrem he can get some tips on how to change nappies in the Nappy Changing Challenge created by parenting website Up All Hours. Take a quick look at the Nappy Changing Challenge!

It’s great to see a brand taking such a refreshing approach to advertising – so current and appropriate, especially with X-Factor back on our screens soon! I wonder whether Simon Cowell’s gorgeous Eric will make an appearance, along with that tub of Sudocrem!

Sudocrem Know That Dads Change Nappies Too!

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