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Start Your Rainy Day Fund with Chip – and Get £10 for Free! | AD

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Right now, more than ever, I am watching what I spend. We’re in such an uncertain financial period across the country and so many people are worried about where their next pay cheque is going to come from. But, that means there has also never been a better time to save even just a few pounds when you have it.

This is where Chip comes in.

Read on to find out how Chip can help you save with £10 for free.

Chip is a clever app that helps people save automatically. Every few days Chip’s artificial intelligence moves a small amount of money into your Chip account from your nominated UK bank account.

You won’t notice the money leaving your account but you could soon have a pot of hundreds saved up in Chip and when you need the money, you can withdraw it on the same day.

Chip uses average data from all Chip savers, over 180 million transactions, cross referenced against your profile – age, where you live, etc – to calculate how much you should put aside and you can edit the amounts if you need to. You can also make your own transfers across to Chip too, all from within a really user friendly app.

With Chip you can set goals and track your progress as you work towards them – whether that’s a house deposit, your first family holiday or getting new carpet for the lounge. You can have more than one goal and set what percentage of the money you put aside you’d like to be put towards each goal.

The average Chip saver can put aside around £1,800 a year without noticing. In normal times savers use Chip to afford the big things they really want to do like holidays or a new car. But at times like this, that money could really give you some peace of mind and help towards grocery bills, utilities or as a rainy day fund for any eventuality.

So why not join the tens of thousands using an app to automatically save up for their safety net? Use code REDHEAD10 when you sign up to get £10 for free too!

You can download Chip for free from your app store for both iOS and Android phones. Read more online www.getchip.uk and on the FCA register.

Your money is held in an e-wallet in your name with Prepaid Financial Services. No FSCS protection. 

Start Your Rainy Day Fund with Chip – and Get £10 for Free! | AD


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