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One thing that I know I don’t do often enough is clean our oven – and I can fully understand why oven cleaning is Britain’s most hated chore. But cleaning the oven is something that makes such a difference in the kitchen – especially if it’s done properly. To kick start our spring cleaning regime Ovenclean organised for our double oven to be cleaned – and I was blown away by the results.

Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean

Ovenclean work in franchises across the UK giving great nationwide coverage. When booking an Ovenclean appointment your local Ovenclean franchise will contact you to organise a convenient time and date for your cleaning services. We were booked in for the following week and Ovenclean let me know that everything should be done within about two hours.

Our oven was embarrassingly dirty before the clean. You could hardly see through the glass in the oven doors, the shelves were caked in grease and the bottom of the oven looked like it had seen better days with so many remnants left from meals gone by. I was looking forward to our first professional oven clean but, honestly, I wasn’t sure they’d be able to clean it all and I was just expecting a bit of an improvement.

Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean
Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean
Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean
Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean

On the day of our Ovenclean visit I didn’t need to do anything to prepare. The Ovenclean technician arrived on time and brought everything he needed inside with him – which wasn’t actually a lot. He had two buckets and a few things in each of them and he set straight to work.

Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean

The technician protected the floor and started the clean by taking everything out of the oven – including the racks attached to the sides. Everything removable was taken out and he went and put it into his van where he explained he had a bath ready to help clean everything.

Whilst everything was soaking he cleaned the whole inside of the oven. The products used are caustic-soda free meaning there are no fumes during the process and I was happily in the same room working whilst the oven was being cleaned. The lack of fumes also makes it fine for children and pets to be around which is always something I worry about with any kind of work going on at home.

Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean

Once the inside of the oven was cleaned the technician went to his van to finish off the process, spending about twenty minutes cleaning the shelves and racks from inside the oven. He then came back, put everything back in place and the job was done.

Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean
Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean

The whole Ovenclean process was done in just over and hour and a half which I commented on as it felt really speedy compared to when I’ve tried to clean the oven myself in the past. The technician explained that because the grime in our oven was quite fresh, and not caked on for years, it was easier to clean. This made me realise how important it is to have your oven cleaned regularly.

Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean
Start the Spring Cleaning with Ovenclean

Having a clean oven helps food taste better and also increases the efficiency of the oven. Our oven is 18 months old but looks as good as new now that it’s been cleaned. Having Ovenclean come and clean our oven at regular intervals will only help the oven work for as long as possible – and as well as possible too. Getting our oven cleaned professionally is now going to be part of our spring clean every year.


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  1. I find this one of the worst jobs in the kitchen. I try and avoid it and put it off until tomorrow. Hence it very rarely gets done.

  2. Wow that’s an amazing job they have done your oven looks sparkling clean! I was always dubious about professional oven cleaning but your review was great, thanks for sharing. My oven definitely needs some help I do try to keep it clean but despite my best efforts (not that many to be honest!?) the grease doesn’t go!

  3. I have used Ovenclean for about 6 or 7 years now and cannot recommend them enough. I am not entering in to the competition because I’ve just had my oven cleaned last week and it would be wonderful for someone who hasn’t experienced this amazing company to win. Remember, if you don’t win just book an appointment anyway. You will not be disappointed with the results.

  4. You only need to look ay my oven to know why I need it cleaned! There’s nothing like a professional clean to brighten up the oven and once it’s clean the whole kitchen looks brighter. Ours gets very dirty as we are both keen cooks so it’s very heavily used.

  5. I’d love to win as my oven is only a couple of years old, and well used, as I cook a lot of meat, the fat splatters have burned on. I have tried it’s self cleaning function and the branded oven cleaning products, and whilst they clean the shelved, the oven itself does not clean as well, neither does the glass door. I’d love to win this to get my oven looking like new again. Thanks for the chance.

  6. It is a hard job and when I do it I never manage to get it completely spotless. I also find it hard to do with 2 young children in the house. I would love to win this prize!

  7. I’d love to have my oven cleaned professionally as my oven is new and already dirty! I don’t have a clue on how to clean it

  8. I must admit I leave the oven clean to my wife and she has always hated it,as do I when I have attempted it.This service should do very well amongst people like us.

  9. Because it’s hard work to do yourself and it seems to be impossible to get it looking like new again, so it would be lovely to have a professional do it for me.

  10. I hate cleaning the oven I cook a lot of chicken which makes my oven very greasy and dirty I would love my oven to look as good as new again.

  11. It’s such a difficult job & takes so long to do, especially the shelves ! It’d be wonderful if someone could clean it for me.

  12. I would love to get my oven cleaned properly because I haven’t been able to find a chemical free cleaner that can do a good job and I have to be careful what I use as I have 8 cats and a dog.

  13. My oven is a bit of a state it only gets done once a year which is just before Christmas, and it gets used every day.

  14. Every time I clean my oven I look at it all shiny and think I must keep on top of that and clean up any spills as soon as they happen – the next time I look it’s an absolute disgrace. We’re in the absolute disgrace mode at the moment. Would love to win.

  15. It’s a fiddly, filthy job and crumbs get in to awkward spaces. Also I don’t like using many of the cleaners which are smelly and possibly not that good to inhale. So I’d be very grateful to anyone who’d clean it for me.

  16. I would love to have my oven cleaned so that I could start afresh with it being sparkling clean. They would make a much better job of it than I ever could.

  17. I have a newish oven but it does have marks on it now due to other people using it! I’d like it to look new again.

  18. Because my son has just moved out, but his melted cheese and pasta sauce are still in residence in the bottom of my oven

  19. I must say they’ve done a tremendous job, looks amazing. It never crossed my mind that this could be done, and it makes so much sense to do like you say and have it form part of your annual Spring Clean. Will do doubt prolong the life of your oven, like giving it a well deserved service, and after all, my oven is on, most days, roasting and baking, so yes, it deserves to be well looked after. Thank you for sharing this, you learn something new everyday!

  20. I’m no fan of housework, to say the least, and cleaning the oven is the worst of the worst

  21. With little ones in the house I don’t like the fumes when I clean the oven so it would be fab to have someone in whilst I entertain the girls upstairs 🙂

  22. It would really help as my other half is disabled and I’m running around working and ferrying the kids around.

  23. Oven cleaning is the worst cleaning job! It takes me ages and still doesn’t look as clean as I would like it to!

  24. I’d love to have my oven cleaned professionally as with 4 kids in the house and then my partner and I too, it gets an awful lot of use!

  25. I have neglected my oven, I’m ashamed to say it is so dirty it’s smoking, so I would love to win this cleaning help x

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