Shuffle Games Review

Disclosure: We were sent the featured products for the purpose of this post however all opinions are my own.

LP is at an age now where she can really get into games and understand them – although she’s only ever happy if she’s winning. Shuffle sent us a couple of their games to try out and as I’d had no previous experience of the brand I was excited to see what we all thought of the games.

Review: Shuffle Games

The first Shuffle game we tried was Guess Who, a game that I remember fondly from my own childhood. Shuffle games come packed in handy plastic cases and are made up of purely cards. With no pieces to get lost and only cards to play with it makes the traditional Guess Who game all that more exciting.

Review: Shuffle Games

The game is played by laying the Guess Who character cards out in a grid and then picking one card from a separate set for the other person to guess. Guess Who is very much a two person game but Dave and I enjoyed teaming up with the children to make it into a game for all the family.

Review: Shuffle Games

The children loved asking questions to guess which character the other one had. The characters were easy to recognise and LP got very excited at the end when she guessed correctly. The game is easy to play and really fun although it does take a little bit of room to set the grids of cards up.

The other game we were sent was Playdoh, again another game that I was interested to see in action considering it is only made from cards. The children love Playdoh and they really enjoyed looking through the cards with the Playdoh creations on.

Review: Shuffle Games

Each card has an image of something made from Playdoh. The children have to take it in turns to see if they can link a card up with the previous one on the table – for example, if a lion card was showing they could put any other animal card down – as they’d both be animals – or they could put a crown down as the lion is the king of the jungle!

Review: Shuffle Games

The Playdoh cards are a great way of getting children to express themselves, tell stories and use their imaginations. The Playdoh game really helped LP think of new ways of matching items rather than just by colour or shape and she really enjoyed this game.

Review: Shuffle Games

Shuffle Games are so different to anything else I have ever played. Having a game that uses only cards is a great idea and Shuffle Games really add a dimension to the traditional card games. They also have apps that work alongside each game to add an extra dimension to the game. This is definitely something we would use as the children get older.

If you are looking for affordable games that are fun for the whole family and great for taking away with you too then these could be it.

The Shuffle Games have an RRP of £6.99 each

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  • My eldest daughter (who is 15!) has recently started playing these type of card games. They are quick and easy to play which is a Godsend when you don’t want to get stuck playing one game for hours!