A Shiny New Car

If you follow me on social media you may have seen that Dave and I have bought a new car! This is HUGE for Dave and I because we have never owned a brand new car and our previous cars – My Ford Focus and Dave’s VW Polo were both over 10 years old.

My Focus started falling apart a few months ago – On the way back from the Baby Show in London my car started making funny noises, the next day the engine light came on and it cost £200 to fix. Then a couple of months later, the day before the Baby Show in Birmingham, one of the rear passenger windows wouldn’t go up, something mechanical had broken in it and we were quoted another £200 to fix it. A window! So I decided at that point we couldn’t afford to keep paying out money on a car that was on its last legs and instead we should invest in a new car. Dave would keep his trusty Polo to get him to and from the train station and we would look into getting a bigger family car as cheaply as possible.

We looking at getting used cars first and always came back to a Vauxhall Zafira. We didn’t even look at getting a new car until I saw a deal with Evans Halshaw after friends recommended them. We could get a 6 month old, pre registered but still ‘new’ Zafira for a huge discount on the list price. This worked out as only a couple of thousand more than a 3 year old Zafira with 20k+ miles on the clock PLUS the new Zafira would come with a lifetime warranty and they’d part exchange my broken Focus!

When we we looked into this a bit more we saw that there was a standard Zafira and an EcoFlex Zafira. The EcoFlex would cost us just over £1k more but would only be £130 a year on tax and would do on average 16 miles per gallon more than the standard Zafira. I knew this was the way to go! Unfortunately though, because this offer was limited to the stock that Evans Halshaw had left it meant that we couldn’t choose the colour of our car but I was adamant it had to have parking sensors – I have no spacial awareness and only just about manage to park my Focus let alone a huge bus of a Zafira!

In the end we put a deposit down on a Zafira that was still being built – So we ended up with a 14 reg Zafira for the same price as the 63 reg would have been! We did have to wait a few weeks for it to be finished off and delivered to our ‘local’ (40 miles away!) dealership. But we now have our shiny new car!

A Shiny New Car

I took the Zafira down to the coast for it’s first outing and even managed to park it in a multi-storey car park, so proud! Dave and I are determined to get the car services regularly, wash it regularly and invest in a handy vac to clean inside constantly! I have never before been so excited by a car!

A Shiny New Car

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  • Lucky you! We are hoping to be able to get a new car soon after ours died a couple of months ago! We had a Zafira but had no end of problems with it – I really hope the new ones are better! It looks nice and I like the colour 😀

  • Oooh…. How exciting! We pick up our new car next week after a three month wait – one of the most frustrating aspects of buying a “brand new” is the wait that so often comes with it. We finalised the paperwork and value on our trade in yesterday though, so we’re going to put another 250 miles on its click this weekend… Ooops! Hope you enjoy your shiny new toy!

  • Wow a lifetime warranty – that is good! Wee Man keeps on asking when we can get a 7 seater and I wish we could afford one but I think it’ll be a while for us. Hope you are having fun driving around in it, sounds like you got a great deal 🙂