Selling Baby Things

When you’ve had a baby you will often pack things away lovingly – Clothes, moses basket, toys. Everything will be packed away for possible future babies or even just for sentimental value. But at some point you will have another baby or even just have a clear out and you will think about selling those precious baby things. But what is the best way to sell things? There are quite a few options.


eBay is the obvious choice for selling anything. You pay fees to list and/or a percentage of the final value. People bid on the items and you sell to the highest bidder. The main benefits of this are that you don’t actually have to speak to anyone unless you arrange for people to collect items in person and you have a huge amount of prospective buyers at your fingertips over the world wide web. The downsides are that it’s pretty much a buyer’s market and when disputing things with eBay the buyer is nearly always right. Also, the fees can really add up. You also have to organise postage through the Post Office or a courier service. I always find couriers are perfect for large or heavy items.

Selling Baby Things

Facebook Selling Pages

Most Facebook users will be a member of one or more local selling groups. These are free to use but people tend to pay a lot less than eBay – It’s more like an online car boot sale for prices. The main plus points are that everyone is local so there is no postage to organise and there are no fees. On the downside, you don’t make as much money, you have to wait at home for people to collect and there are often timewasters.

Nearly New Sales

Nearly New Sales are organised all over the place – The main ones being NCT. As the name suggests, there are for ‘nearly new’ items so not much wear and in great condition. The main benefit is that you sell items there and then and get cash in hand. The downside being that there’s usually a charge for the table and you have to take everything there to sell it.

Car Boot Sales

Any car boot sale can be a treasure trove of things – One man’s junk and all that! People will buy anything but they’ll generally expect to pay peanuts for it. You usually have to pay a fee per car to sell, have to get up ridiculously early, it’s weather dependent and you may be left with a car load of tat to dispose of afterwards. On the positive side it is cash in hand and you’ll have your whole sunday left afterwards!


You can use Gumtree to list items and people contact you if they’d like to buy them. This can be free to use but with anything free you will come across time wasters. You will also have to wait in for people to collect things but prices are generally better than the local Facebook selling sites.

Charity Shops/Freecycle

If you just want to get rid of things you can always donate most things to charity shops who will be more than happy to take it off your hands. Alternatively, you can list things on Freecycle and usually there will be people willing to take most things off your hands for free.

What’s your favourite way of selling things?

Selling Baby Things

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  • We used eBay when selling our daughter’s baby clothes. I found the more descriptive you are when listing an item, the more interest you receive.

    Good quality photos are a must as well. If you are selling a bundle of clothes I would still suggest taking individual photos of each item. It’s amazing how many people list and just take one photo of a pile if clothes! It’s no wonder they don’t get the price they want.

    We’ve also had good success with nearly new sales as well. Here you can get good prices for selling single items, especially if any of the clothes are quality brands or designer.